Concept Templates

Icethetics now features custom concept templates for your enjoyment.

IceGear created by Chris Smith

IceGear is the first official jersey template of Icethetics. It is an updated version of the original template used for the Icethetics Jersey Galleries. It was created to display a jersey the way it might be seen on a player, with the arms to the side. The simplified shape is intended to allow the jersey design itself to better stand out.

DOWNLOAD: ZIP feat. iDraw, PDF and PNG files (508kb)

IceGear was designed specially for iDraw, an affordable vector graphics application for the Mac OS. It's particularly good for those new to vector graphics. For users of other software, PDF and PNG versions of the template are also available.

Template added 1/19/14

IceBorn created by Matt McElroy

IceBorn was created as a uniform system that has no preconceived idea of what a jersey should look like. It aims to free the designer from such restraints. It's a uniform system born from Icethetics for Icethetics.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.0: Adobe Illustrator | PNG

If you'd like to try out the original template design, use the links below.

LEGACY DOWNLOAD: Adobe Illustrator | PNG (laced) | PNG (non-laced)

Template added 9/7/13; updated 1/18/14

Concept Submission FAQ

Assembled here is a list of frequently asked questions for artwork submissions.
It will help streamline the process if you follow these guidelines.

Where do I send my artwork?
Email it to Chris at the address found in the red box at the top of the page.

Do I have to use the templates provided here?
No, you can use any template you like. You can even create your own. These are just provided here for convenience.

Will other templates be added to this page?
Yes, my goal is to create a collection of dynamic, custom-designed hockey uniform templates for Icethetics readers to use. The templates featured here should continue to expand. If you've created one you'd like to have included, please send it along.

How do I get that background texture seen in every post?
Don't worry about that. The background is added when the concept post is prepared.

Do you require a certain file format?
PNG and PDF files with a transparent background are preferred. Also acceptable are JPG, GIF, PSD or AI. Please avoid BMP or other lossless file types as this tends to create excessively large files which take extra time to download.

Should my submission be a certain size?
Yes, 960x600 pixels or larger is preferred. Ideally, your design should fit nicely within an aspect ratio of 1.6:1 or something close. A standard size and format is necessary for the volume of concepts posted on Icethetics on a regular basis.

May I make revisions to my work after it's been posted?
Yes. The original design will always be left on the site, but revised versions can be added to the same post.

Can I just tweak someone else's design?
No. Be creative and submit your own original work. Don't steal from others. However, borrowing trademarked team logos to demonstrate a concept is acceptable.

When will you post my concept?
It's hard to say. Due to the volume of concepts and the fact that, in general, there's only one posted per day, it could be a while. However, the key to jumping the line is creating something that will knock everyone's socks off!

Anything else I should know before submitting?
By submitting any artwork to the email address above, you give permission for it to be posted on Icethetics indefinitely. Icethetics branding is added to each design simply as a way to indicate where the artwork was originally posted should it later appear on another site.

Happy designing!