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0714: The Untouchable Freak Out

Could you ever imagine the Montreal Canadiens without the CH? How about using the crest of a long ago rival? There's a reason I saved this one by Greg Dobson for a Friday. It's freaky!


0713: The Big V

This logo has been pretty divisive in the past, but I can't help but like it. It really says "Canucks" in a way the orca never could. Nevill Carney presents a set of jerseys that would make for a great uniform in Vancouver's future. Who's with me?


0712: Capitals De-Edged

Steven Grant has been redesigning NHL uniforms by taking the Reebok Edge system out of the equation. Today he tackles a blue Capitals jersey with great results. The wordmark doesn't look half bad in white. Of course, personally, I'd still prefer to see an actual logo in its place.


0711: Blue Jackets a Century Back

Dylan Wonka is working on a new series that imagines what certain NHL might have looked like if they'd existed back in the 1920s. We'll kick things off with his take on the Blue Jackets — of course I doubt anyone in the early 20th century was designing logos quite like that one.


0710: What Can Brown Do?

This is the final week of Icethetics as you know it. On Saturday, everything changes. Except the Concepts page, really. New artwork will still be posted daily. But let's make the most of this anyway. Colin May is back with some new stuff. He put together a solid old-timey look for the Boston Bruins. Hey, maybe they should be Washington's opponent for the 2015 Winter Classic.


0709: Norway by a Norwegian

Here's a series I'd like to expand on as we near the Olympics. Concept artists creating jerseys for their own national teams. Norwegian Asle Tømmerstrand tackles his home country's jersey today. And while IOC rules may not permit the bear on the front, this is sharp sweater, isn't it?

Also, if you're an Icethetics reader outside of North America and have a concept in mind for your country, send it along! I'd love to share it here.