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As the 2011-12 season dawns, Atlanta's second stint in the NHL ends as the Thrashers are sold and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba for that city's second chance with a team. They are also named the Winnipeg Jets just like their predecessor, which is still in Phoenix.

Elsewhere, the Tampa Bay Lightning are rebranded with new logos and uniforms. The Nashville Predators implement a simplified version of their primary logo and a color palette that relies more on gold. And the Los Angeles Kings change their uniforms, promoting their alternate logo to primary mark. Additionally, the Florida Panthers bring back their red sweaters, warranting an update to their map icon.

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Reader Comments (4)

You never mentioned the Flyers going from orange to black and back to orange... But still it's a very nice read, thanks.

Sep 12 · 2:13 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKevin

Really like the division lines... is there any possibility of doing that for the other maps? Just curious.

Feb 25 · 10:55 AM PST | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous Canucklehead

Wow! I really love these maps!

Feb 25 · 6:34 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterJoey Zyla

Update! Dallas Stars logos, realignment!!!!

Oct 9 · 12:33 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKJ Lemoine

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