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ToHL Up And Running Again

After a brief period of a down time, ToHL is up and running again with the latest poll in the QMJHL Tournament of Logos. GO VOTE!

And in case you're wondering, the final poll of the tournament will take place at ICETHETICS (which launches July 1). Then the CHL Tournament of Champions — which will feature the winner from each of the three CHL leagues — will take place there as well. I'll also be introducing a brand new tournament to begin after that is complete. It's something I've been talking about for quite some time.


Polls Now Open For QMJHL

Just wanted to remind everybody that if you haven't yet, you can make your way over to ToHL and take part in the QMJHL Tournament of Logos which officially began today.

The Foreurs and Huskies are the first to square off. You can see the first round schedule over there as well. Happy voting!


QMJHL Logo Tourney

The QMJHL Tournament of Logos kicks off tomorrow afternoon over at ToHL. You check out the logo pool and see the first round schedule by clicking here. Remember, the winner of this tourney faces the WHL's Swift Current Broncos and the OHL's London Knights for a kind of Memorial Cup of logos.


OHL Logo Tourney In Final Round

Not sure if you guys have been keeping an eye on the OHL Tournament of Logos over at ToHL the past few weeks. We're down to the final two. It's between the London Knights and Saginaw Spirit for the title.


We're also into the final 16 of the NHL Tournament of Goalie Masks here at NHLToL (soon to become Icethetics). So keep on voting.


OHL Logo Tourney Starting!

Just wanted to let you guys know we've just kicked off the OHL Tournament of Logos over at ToHL. Go place your vote as we determine which team has the best logo in the Ontario Hockey League.


Don't Forget About WHL Tourney!

Just wanted to remind you guys the WHL Tournament of Logos is in full swing over at ToHL! Make sure you're casting your votes so we can determine the best logo in the Western Hockey League. Just posted a new poll today. It's the Moose Jaw Warriors and the Chilliwack Bruins.



Goalie Mask Tourney Update

Quick update for you on the upcoming goalie mask tournament. I went through all 30 teams and came up with 48 goalies I could see being eligible for this tournament. Obviously, that's insanity. We're not doing a tournament that big. The max I'm willing to do for this is 32. Therefore, I think what I'm going to do is place a huge poll in the sidebar and essentially let you guys decide which goalies will be included.

This poll will have all 48 names and be multiple choice. That is, you'll be able to select as many goalies as you want when casting your vote. You can vote for all 48; you can vote for just 1. Whatever you want is fine by me. But ultimately, the top 32 vote-getters will make up this tournament. So while I'll continue to gather pictures, you guys will have another poll to vote on for a while.

In the meantime, if you're bored, may I suggest casting a daily vote over at ToHL where we're conducting a WHL Tournament of Logos. It's the beginning of a larger CHL logo tournament. The WHL will be followed by the OHL, then QMJHL. The three winners from each league will face off for one final vote.

All right, that's all I got. Just be prepared for a ginormous poll to appear in the sidebar very soon. Then pick as many goalies as you like. The 32 with the most votes will be in the NHLToGM. (I like abbreviations.)

UPDATE (9:11 PM): Okay, I've added the goalie poll to the sidebar. Choose as many or as few as you like. Happy voting!


Go Vote In WHL Tourney!

The first poll of the WHL Tournament of Logos has been posted. Go and let your voice be heard!

By the way, I'm assembling plans for the NHL Tournament of Goalie Masks (or NHLToGM) and I'll have news for you probably tomorrow about how it will work.


WHL Logo Tourney Starts Friday!

No concept art today, but I do have some news. Voters at sister blog ToHL have selected the WHL as the first of the three CHL leagues to participate in a grand tournament of logos.

The Western Hockey League tournament will commence Friday afternoon. But for now, I've posted the complete logo pool for the WHL tournament. Check it out and get yourself psyched up to bring the logo voting back to ToHL!


CHL Logo Battle Coming!

I'm gearing up for the next tournament over at ToHL right now. Yesterday I announced the CHL Tournament of Logos will begin on Friday, March 14. You can read more about that over there.

What I wanted to mention here is that you can already start getting involved in the battle for the best logo in the CHL. Since it's made up of three leagues, I want to do each one individually and then match up the champions of each to determine a final winner. And you can help decide which league we kick off with. Head over to ToHL and cast your vote in the sidebar for the OHL, QMJHL or WHL.

The order of the tournaments will be determined by the total votes. In other words, the league with the most votes goes first. The league with the least goes last.