The Annual Facelift

As you can see, Icethetics looks very different tonight. I just finished up with the annual redesign. From the few comments I've seen already, it sounds like most of you like it. If you've got anything to add to the facelift discussion, leave a comment here.

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Reader Comments (37)

Looks good for the most part but thetext isn't showing in the extra's section until I mouse over and the links text color in the twitter updates is hard to read with the colors being so close.

Jul 19 · 7:50 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJBJR

Snazzy! I like it =)

Jul 19 · 7:56 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRSC

i definitely like it... perhaps the post headings could stand out a bit more

Jul 19 · 7:57 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterGrinch

I love the color scheme that you took from mixing the orange main color of NHLToL and the light blue main color of ToHL with both sites secondary white and dark gray colors.

Jul 19 · 8:17 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKoho

Don't care much for the gray background... it seems a bit out of place, but the rest of it looks great!

Jul 19 · 8:29 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJMP

Looks odd on my settings. The wordmark background doesn't even cover a full view on my screen and then I just get the blue background for the rest of it. It's not bad but seems awkward.

Jul 19 · 9:00 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJorden

nvm right after posting my comment it seems to have changed to the angled lines and looks better.

Jul 19 · 9:01 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJorden

Just change the 3rd Central page to look like the Tracker page and you're good to go buddy!

Jul 19 · 9:52 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRye

Nice color scheme, which if there were no orange I'd believe were derived from your team's colors, Chris. Considering we didn't know this was an "annual" thing, this was a nice surprise when I clicked the URL.

Jul 19 · 10:47 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKevin Y

Not bad...I personally prefered the old one a bit better. It was nice plain and simple...and also a nice blue and white. Still looks fine anyways.

Oh, BTW, I notice Mikael Samuelsson is missing from the Free Agent Tracker Page. Just thought I'd point that out.

Jul 19 · 10:53 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterCurtis

real nice!

Jul 19 · 11:06 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenteralex

Ta dow

Jul 19 · 11:13 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterwukwinn

Great look to the site. I'm glad you're back

Jul 19 · 11:19 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterDan

Looks great, Chris! I liked the last look...but this one is really nice. Great job!

Jul 19 · 11:36 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterCory

Looks awesome! I would expect nothing less!

Jul 19 · 11:52 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenter'88

I don't mind it, however, a color to gray gradient is never a good idea. The rest of it I like. I personally love the addition of grey, I just think the backgrounds need to be solid colors, and not have these akward scanlines.

Jul 20 · 3:23 AM PDT | Unregistered Commenteralx83

Looks really nice. Much more professional feel. Great job.

Jul 20 · 5:55 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJames

i like it! takes me back to the old NHLToL website days!

Jul 20 · 6:20 AM PDT | Unregistered Commentersledgehammerr


Jul 20 · 6:43 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKuhlie

Wow!! Its all like BOOSH in your face! I like it!

Jul 20 · 8:38 AM PDT | Unregistered Commenterbpc89

Keep it like this. I love it.

Jul 20 · 9:20 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterZach Adamowski

Frankly, AWESOME!!! :D

Jul 20 · 9:43 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterDan

Concepts? Concepts? Concepts?

Jul 20 · 10:14 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterMax

Looks good Chris, a little more akin to the one before the last, which I preferred.

Also, have you thought about sorting the tracker so the most recent signings/trades are at the TOP? And, you're missing Jonas Gustavsson from that list as well.

Jul 20 · 11:46 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJosh

still pretending the colours are some kind of nod to the Oilers

Jul 20 · 12:05 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJason

Whoa. Didn't know that would make everything bold. Sorry about that.

Jul 20 · 12:06 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJason

very nice look! I went here and was happy to see the changes. Keep up the good work.

Jul 20 · 12:15 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterphaneuf36

Looks real sharp, and I love the white words on the dark background.

Jul 20 · 12:22 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterOgre39666

Looks good duder

Jul 20 · 2:55 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterSeth

Looking good.

Whatever happened to GFB (Matt the designer)?

Jul 20 · 3:18 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterLeafers LP

Real sharp, not sure I like it tho. Needs more orange, in my opinion.

Jul 20 · 3:29 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJacques-Andre LeBeau

Oilers colors kinda! I LIKE!

Jul 20 · 7:11 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterPO14K

Ya that's true, the top is really orange and as soon as you scroll down a bit its gone. I think Orange should be a key part of icethetics.

Jul 20 · 7:15 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJosh

I agree with you guys on the orange so I made some minor adjustments. Thoughts?

Jul 20 · 7:47 PM PDT | Registered CommenterChris


Jul 20 · 9:18 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJacques-Andre LeBeau


Jul 21 · 5:56 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJosh

Great, I love the colors and how it's a bit darker. Oh btw, you're doing an incredible job with this site, can't wait until Thursday so the IceHL starts again ! The Free Agent Tracker is nice too but you're missing Travis Moen from Sharks to Habs (I know I know you can't put them all on and it's only a cool little addition to this awesome website so I'm not complaining just letting you know some that are missing.)

Jul 21 · 11:16 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJack Russel

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