Sens Tease Third On Facebook

Hey, who says a professional hockey team can't start a viral marketing campaign on a popular social networking web site? Certainly not the Ottawa Senators.

The Sens have posted a teaser image of their new black third jersey on their Facebook page. And this is it.

Looks like we'll see it on Saturday, November 22. I've added that date to the Countdowns. Thanks to Julian for the heads up on this image.

I like the lace-up collar and the red underneath. I think it'll be a nice jersey. I just can't wait to see what they put on the front. We've heard it's going to be the word SENS but we haven't seen what it will actually look like.

In case you missed it, I posted my thoughts on what the text might look like a couple weeks ago. Nothing official, just some musings based on various leak descriptions.

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Reader Comments (20)

at least we know it's not gold now...

Oct 28 · 9:40 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterHockey Week

I hope no more teams use colloquialisms on any jerseys in the future.

Oct 28 · 10:07 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenteranonymous

Other than highly anticipating the Blues thirds before their release, this jersey has been one I have wanted to see for a long time. Now just the suspense...

I also can't wait for the Coyotes and Lightning one, hopefully they're both awesome.

Oct 28 · 11:00 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRyan (IcyBlues)

The Sens could have a very nice black jersey, but writing "SENS" across the front will ruin it.

Oct 28 · 11:06 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRick M.

You know, I thought about something last night. I was watching a game on ESPN Classic, an NBA game from the 1986 season, between the Celtics and the Cavaliers. You know what Cleveland had on their jersey? "CAVS". Not "CAVALIERS".

They weren't the only NBA team, either. The Seattle SuperSonics wore "SONICS", and the Philadelphia 76ers wore "SIXERS".

Also, don't forget that the NBA's Knicks is short for "Knickerbockers" and the MLB's Mets is short for "Metropolitans". While those shortened names are official names, they are colloquial terms, just like "Sens".

The "SENS" move isn't unprecedented. It has happened before. And for that reason, I am slightly swaying towards a generally positive reaction about this alternate jersey the Senators are bringing out this year. I don't mind the throwback to history, even if it is history from another league, another sport.

Oct 29 · 5:58 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKsy92003

We're saying that if the NBA does it, it's okay? Personally I can't stand the NBA, mostly because of it's players. A basketball jersey has a lot less space then a hockey jersey, and Hockey jerseys traditionally use a logo, which looks a lot better then text.

If you're going to do text, do it right. When you have the means to put the entire name on it, why do you need to shorten it? An old fashioned baseball style script with Senators could have been beautiful, similar to the old ducks third.

Or you can go the collegiate route with block cut letters across the chest, which can be good if the jersey is interesting (Looking at you Dallas!)

But Abbreviations that are not whole words like Sens and Bolts are bad. If they were more complete words like Sonics and Sixers it might even be okay. But they're going the Cavs route, which I am not okay with.

Oct 29 · 6:30 AM PDT | Unregistered Commentercptjeff

I know this is off topic, but I wonder what the "A Whole New Icethetics" banner means for the progress of this blog. Will Icethetics finally be launched as its own website? Oh joy, the excitement is contagious!

Oct 29 · 9:55 AM PDT | Unregistered Commenterasnowballschance

oooohhhhh... looks like the new site will launch on saturday...

Oct 29 · 12:12 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterbruinbxr5791

Chris has been mentioning a lot recently that there will be a lot of changes for icethetics, and he hasimplied that it will be a full-fledged website.

Oct 29 · 12:14 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterNHL Jeff

I just noticed it says 11.1 on the banner. Nice! Only a 3 day wait!

Oct 29 · 12:15 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterNHL Jeff

NHL Jeff.

I was promoting the anticipation of the new site.

Oct 29 · 12:21 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterasnowballschance

I saw the banner, but didn't see the "11.1" at the top. I thought it was just poor graphics that meant nothing.

Oct 29 · 12:21 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKsy92003

WOO! Great Birthday present from chris....two days early too, wow how thoughtful :)

Oct 29 · 12:49 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterBill

Maybe, just maybe, the new site will be paired with the brand new St. Louis Blues Rebrand from Matt. Just as Chris arranged with the opening of Icethetics and the new Sabres Rebrand.

Just a thought. :P

Oct 29 · 2:51 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterLeafers LP

NHL jerseys are expensive, wtf, it's some fabric, I know for a FACT it doesn't COST rbk $200+ to make a replica uniform.

Oct 29 · 2:57 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterBill

Especially considering how easily they rip...

Oct 29 · 4:04 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterLeafers LP

i hate how reebok makes their jerseys...ya ever notice that when u order jerseys from nhl.com, the name and numbers are no longer stitched on...they are just screen prints. reebok is cheap. i wouldnt be getting one but since its the only company that is making the sabres third jersey, im stuck with it. still a sweet jersey but the quality has gone way down over the last few years....

Oct 29 · 4:49 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterGoSabres21

Well NHL.com specifically states that they are pressed on letters, so that shouldn't come as a suprise (it's small print but it's there). You can have most of them put on somewhere for not that much more money. I have an authenic Blues jersey and it is very good quality.

I actually prefer the form-fitting jerseys to the box cut jerseys in hockey, they leave less cloth/material hanging out and about.

Oct 29 · 6:35 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRyan (IcyBlues)

Have you ever noticed that the way the EDGE jerseys are made make them seem like a women's-cut blouse or something? And I think they're too restrictive with piping and all that. They jacked with designs that were perfectly fine!

Oct 29 · 7:45 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I hope it's at least somewhat traditional looking. Their last third was pretty wacky.

Oct 30 · 10:19 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJason

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