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SI's Goalie Gallery

Sports Illustrated has posted a new NHL goalie mask photo gallery on their web site, showcasing every mask from around the league. They have some great pictures up there that really show off the details of each individual netminder's mask. Definitely worth a look. It'll be a great resource for the next goalie mask tournament in the spring.

Thanks to Mike for the link!


Bolts Goalies Get Sawed

Is anyone else disturbed by Oren Koules' not-so-subtle attempts at cross-promoting his horrible movie with my team?

Last night's Lightning-Thrashers game was littered with an assortment of Saw V promotions, not the least of which included some special — and I do hope temporary — goalie masks for Olaf Kolzig and Mike Smith.

Smith played and wore this mask.

But apparently one has been designed for Kolzig as well — my thanks to Puck Daddy for finding a picture.

I'm just a bit disappointed. I'm not a fan of the movies so I guess I'm biased. But I do have to admit he's not an idiot. Koules and his marketing team sure know how to take advantage of what they've got.

But seriously, what's next? Charlie Sheen wearing a Lightning jersey?

One more thing and totally unrelated. I can say this because my team is sucking just as bad. What's up with the Flyers? You put six tallies on the board and you still can't win a game. You're the only team left. Get it together.


Icethetics Season Preview, Part VI

Now more than a week into the regular season, I'm not so sure this still qualifies as a "preview" anymore. But it required a lot of research and for each team to have played at least a handful of games. Why? Part 6 of the Icethetics Season Preview is new goalie masks!

Let's dive in, starting with the biggest and most controversial. Martin Brodeur. The man has worn the same mask design for nearly his entire career — until this season. And he only made one change.

The devil design culled from the New Jersey Devils' logo has been on his head for years. This year it's been replaced by a stylized MB30 to promote his new web site.

Still, Brodeur has one of the classic mask designs left in the league. And speaking of classic, Dwayne Roloson and Mathieu Garon will have special masks and equipment for games in which the Oilers' wear their third jersey this season.

Below you can see pictures of Garon's new regular and vintage masks along with Dwayne Roloson's new Grant Fuhr-inspired retro mask.

And while we're on third jerseys, Cam Ward has updated his mask to go with the Hurricanes' new third jersey.

He's even got the new black and grey shoulder patch logo on the back of his helmet.

Some goalies got new masks because they got new teams, like Alex Auld, Andrew Raycroft, Olaf Kolzig, Cristobal Huet and Patrick Lalime.

Some stayed with their teams but got new masks anyway, like Rick DiPietro, Martin Gerber, Miikka Kiprusoff, Tim Thomas and Henrik Lundqvist.

Curtis Sanford let the fans redesign his mask. And Peter Budaj just likes The Hulk.

The other big one is Roberto Luongo whose design really hasn't changed, but he did add that captain's C to the chin. I posted a picture yesterday.

That's really all I thought were worth pointing out. If you think there are others, email me pictures and I'll add them to the post. In the meantime, here's that list I was telling you about.

If I missed anybody, let me know and send a picture so I can add them. And as you may have noticed, I'm not counting rookie goalies. I'm just talking about established goalies with mask changes.

And so officially ends the Icethetics Season Preview. Hopefully we'll do it all again next October!


Goalies Get New Looks

Lots of emails on this. Martin Brodeur has had his mask repainted and Dwayne Roloson debuted his specially-designed third jersey equipment.

Brodeur is changing a mask design he hasn't touched in years while Roloson will wear a special mask paying homage to Oiler great Grant Fuhr.

There will be further coverage of both of these items at a later date. For now, discuss...


Luongo Wears Captain's 'C'

I've gotten a ton of emails about this over the past week. Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo was named captain of his club a week ago. Well that's big news by itself but here's the catch. Goalies aren't permitted to wear the "C" on their jersey.

So how did he get around that rule? That's where it becomes Icethetics news. He put it on his mask.

As you know, Luongo won the goalie mask tournament at NHLToL back in June. I'm considering doing one of those every year. But I'll wait until playoff time. I think I enjoyed that tournament the most out of any we've done.

By the way, the Oilers' third jersey will be up here shortly.