One More L.A. Stadium Preview

Video stills from Anaheim Ducks (via Instagram)

Ducks, Kings release new jersey teasers a day before unveiling

The Anaheim Ducks released a video clip via their official Instagram account tonight, showing details of their 2014 Stadium Series jersey. The full uniform will be unveiled Tuesday morning at 9 AM — just like the Kings' — according to the video.

The first shot is a close up of the sleeve, not unlike the teaser we got from the Kings on Friday. And if the knit of the jersey is anything to gauge by, it seems the Ducks may be sharing the Islanders' angled sleeve numbers and stripes. It's hard to say for sure.

Video stills from Anaheim Ducks (via Instagram)

The next shot shows the front of the obviously orange jersey just below the crest. A sliver of it is slightly visible at the top of the frame. Take note. It doesn't look liked the chrome webbed "D" we've been seeing. One rumor suggested the shoulder patch from the Ducks' third jersey would be used here. Could that be what we're seeing? Or will it be something entirely new?

The final shot seems to show the back of the jersey — though it's not clear to me. It could be the back of the sleeve. But some gold and white stitching is visible on the orange fabric, leading me to think we're looking at an area with numbers.

But that's not all...

Video stills from Los Angeles Kings (via Instagram)

The Los Angeles Kings also released another teaser video on Instagram — that's the place to be for jersey teasers these days! It's one shot, five seconds. A rack focus on what looks like the sleeve.

A lot of fans have been saying they see grey in the Kings' teasers. I didn't at first, but more and more I'm seeing how that could be possible. A game of orange and grey jerseys would definitely be unique in the history of the NHL. Could look really sharp.

Both jerseys will be released just over 12 hours from now on their respective teams' websites. Check back tomorrow after 9 AM PT as I hope to have photos up right away.

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Reader Comments (8)

I am very confused on the Kings jersey because I was thinking that the material in the picture does not seem to look like the material on the Reebok Edge jerseys. I was wondering if this could be the socks instead, but there is the same material in the last teaser. And also the edge of the sown on piece is odd. I dont think there is a number that has a right side quite like it in the Kings font.

Dec 2 · 8:23 PM PST | Registered CommenterKevin Cottrell

The Kings teaser from today looks like it's showing the captain's "C". I've been posting this around based on the teaser videos. (I've updated it on this latest video). Still not sure on the details, but at this point we're less than a day away from the reveal.

Here it is with the video snapshots:

Dec 2 · 9:43 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterKingsKnight

The kings jersey material is the edge 2.0 material and I believe you are correct about the last ducks pic being the back

I'd have to agree, it looks like the Ducks will be an orange version of the islanders with white stripes bordered by gold stripes, giving me the impression that the yoke will be black

Gonna look awesome!

Dec 2 · 9:46 PM PST | Registered CommenterJeremy Roney

Burger King vs Wild Wing

That's right. Fox Sports West is reshowing this game on December 4th. Definitely need to snag some pictures of that!

Dec 2 · 10:19 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterTaylor

Very disappointed that Ducks aren't wearing inaugral jerseys again.

Just wondering.......did the Hurricanes pioneer these jersey teasers? Don't remember any team (in any sport) doing it before them.

Dec 2 · 10:36 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterSean

Kings jersey will probably be white body with silver sleeves, something similar to those links to the jpg above. Seems more like an alternate version of the current set than a one-off. Hopefully no cape-effect like the sabres alternates this time!

Dec 3 · 2:32 AM PST | Unregistered Commentertj

Color vs Color!
The NHL needs more of this.

Dec 3 · 4:12 AM PST | Unregistered CommenterGuiltyofBeingMike

I actually love the teaser reveal. For these two in particular, I especially love that no leak has ruined them, or any of the stadium series jersey for that matter. All the boneheads who open the box at the store with "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SPECIFIED DATE" and hang it up and take a picture of it ruin it for all of us. To me it's the same as having the ending of a movie shared before I see it. Does that put me in the minority on a site like this?

Really excited to see these two, and if the kings are actually wearing grey à la Justin Cox's concept yesterday, then I might just have to add another item onto my Christmas list!

Dec 3 · 5:43 AM PST | Unregistered CommenterJD2

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