Pens Confused About Third Unveiling?

Icethetics may be in the middle of a major move right now but the news doesn't stop.

An advertisement appearing in rotation on the Pittsburgh Penguins' web site seems to be promoting the third jersey unveiling for Monday. Which begs the question: Are they confused or was it a simple mistake?

My guess is mistake.

The Pens announced Thursday on their own web site that the unveiling would take place on Wednesday, November 5 from 6 to 8 PM at Dick's Sporting Goods in The Mall at Robinson.

I'm going to assume that is the correct date and this ad will be fixed and replaced once somebody notices.

Now about the image of the jersey in the ad. It is not the new third jersey. In fact, it's the same image that was released for the Winter Classic — sans the Winter Classic patch on the front. 

Expect to see some slight differences such as added piping and the Vegas gold replacing the classic gold. I'm not certain on this but I do believe the jerseys will be different in some way. Obviously they want to save the one-time-only aspect of those Winter Classic sweaters.

Thanks to Jesse and Brian for sending in this image.


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Icethetics is getting a new home and you're looking at it! I'll admit it's a little barren at the moment but that will soon change. I plan on dedicating my weekend to helping fill out a little bit.

Right now, the main thing is to make sure you start rating the logos in the IceHL's Pacific Division. Rate each eligible entry from 1 to 5 stars and next weekend, the top three rated logos for each team will move on to the next round. You guys will vote on those three to determine the final logos for each team.

So at the moment, we're kind of in between sites. But after Saturday, I will no longer be updating Everything that's new will be found right here.

As for what you can expect this weekend, I'm going to start transferring a lot of content from the old blog, including third jersey news and countdowns along with the Flashback '98 logo tournament which will pick up in Round 3 this weekend.

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