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Melrose Taking Bolts' Reigns?

I apologize, I know this has nothing to do with jerseys or logos, but this is one of those times when I'm writing just because I have a blog and an audience. As a lifelong Tampa Bay Lightning fan I can't help but...


Yeah I know it's been rumored for a while now so it's not exactly news but it's official today and I'm — I don't know, I don't have the words. It's just weird.

I'm curious how fans from the rest of the league view Barry Melrose becoming the Bolts' new coach. What do you guys think of this development?

Do you think his years as an ESPN analyst will give him a better perspective on coaching the game? Or is this the setup for the bad joke I think it is? (You know, the punch line being another last place finish.)


LFV Day 2: Amazing Hockey


Just got back to my hotel from the Canucks game a little while ago. It was unbelievable. Having experienced a long playoff run and a Stanley Cup championship in Tampa, I thought I knew what exciting hockey was. Wow. I didn't know anything.

It's not even the playoffs. It was a big game for the Canucks tonight, but not that big, you know? The atmosphere in that building was incredible. Absolutely unforgettable. I realized that I'd never really been to a hockey game until I went to one in Canada.

I'm sure I sound a little crazy, but for as big a hockey fan as I am, it's just a great feeling to be surrounded by people who feel the same way about the game. Yeah, we don't have that in Tampa. Not to mention, five goals in the first six minutes, that was pretty intense.

Earlier in the day, I walked around Stanley Park and visited the aquarium. Just in general, this city is pretty awesome. Vancouverites, I love your town! Mind if I stay?

Anyway, one more thing before I sign off for the night. Concepts! Got a couple for the Canucks and a bonus for the Nashville Predators, their opponent tonight. First one's my favorite.

Love the logo. Love the green jerseys. Love it all. (I love it so much maybe I'll marry it.)

Another design I've got here incorporates the same cool logo but it just doesn't work well for me, overall.

And we continue this downward tumble with a yellow Preds jersey. No, this wasn't meant to be an in-your-face for the Canucks' big win tonight, it was just all I had.

I really don't like yellow jerseys. Only seems to look good on the Swedes.

And finally, I leave you with a glimpse of the game — specifically the singing of the national anthems — from my particular vantage point in section 329.


Ads On Goalie Jerseys?

I've gotten several emails this morning about an article appearing in today's Toronto Star. It discusses the possibility of a future in which NHL goaltenders don sweaters laden with corporate advertising. The article included a concept image of its own.

Yeah, in terms of aesthetics and the general will to, you know, not whore ourselves out to corporate greed, it's really rather horrific. Personally, I think there are better ways of marketing the NHL to keep the money coming in, and if Gary Bettman has any sense at all — and there's been little evidence of it so far — he won't even allow a second of consideration for this notion.

I applaud the players, however, for backing a play they know won't be popular for the sake of a game they love. Thing is, though, most hockey players don't have business degrees — nor do I. But ads on goalie jerseys? That's gotta cross a line somewhere.

By the way, if you haven't become disturbed by this idea yet, just look up again at that picture of Martin Brodeur. Then tell me he doesn't look like Jeff Gordon.


NBC, Update Your Graphics!

The second period of the Winter Classic has just begun and as a live television director, I have to take issue with some of what's been going on during the NBC telecast. For one thing, the graphics are out of date!

This site is dedicated to NHL logos so naturally my biggest nitpick has to do with said logos in broadcast graphics.

I photographed my TV screen earlier this afternoon to demonstrate my point. Of the 16 logos seen on this particular graphic, a quarter of them are WRONG! From left to right, the Sharks, Blue Jackets, Bruins and Lightning all got new logos this season. NBC apparently opted to ignore that fact and just use last year's graphics.

NBC, update your damn graphics!

The abominations only continue but for the sake of sparing you guys, I won't go on about it. But just know that I'm very disappointed in the disrespect of American network television toward an obviously huge moment in the sport of hockey.

End rant.