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Dragons Jersey Evaluations

Rate each Halifax Dragons jersey submission with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Hamilton Steelcats

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Reader Comments (9)

I have to say- Love the green!
The Dragon (Welsh) combined with the St.Andrew's Cross (Scottish) is just so completely wrong!
Halifax Nova Scotia (New Scotland) should rightly have a Scottish identity. Why are they called the Dragons? Dragons are part of the Welsh identity, not Scottish.
Halifax Thistles
Halifax Highlanders
Halifax Reevers
Halifax Clansmen...all much more appropriate.
Also, Green and Purple would be a much more appropriate colour scheme. Green and red are also Welsh colours.

Let's put it this way: It would be like a team from Toronto with a Fleur-de-Lis as their logo. Just wrong.

Jul 9 · 3:47 AM PDT | Unregistered Commenterukcanuck


The Dragon name was chosen by a committee.
The logo was voted on a few weeks back beating a number of other possible logos.
The colors for the uniform were set to match with the logo.
--all of this is in the achieves so you can see the progression. --

And while I live in Canada I was born in Bristol with some roots extending into Wales, and have Scot relatives due to my Sister marrying one. I, for one, love the look of this franchise, and have given a number of these a positive vote.

The wrongness is subjective, and if the team was "playing" in Cardiff or Glasgow I would likely agree with you, but as this is for the IceHL East and not IceHL World (coming soon...) for this case it's best to just accept it for what it is.

Jul 9 · 1:14 PM PDT | Registered CommenterRob in Cascadia

Can't believe my design is getting as many thumbs down as it is. I thought it was my best design out of all 11 designs I did. Guess i was wrong.

Jul 9 · 2:27 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJared Pozzobon

Brendan Anderson's jersey is my favourite in this entire icehl series!

Jul 9 · 4:05 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterSammy

I had to go plaid! and if you look close enough the plaid on mine is the old ATL colors

Jul 9 · 4:18 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterBryanD

I would buy Magnus Bjork's, Matt McElroy's, Duncan Lyle's, or Brendan Anderson's sweaters TOMORROW. Love this.

Jul 9 · 7:36 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterFranco

If ever there was a team name that deserved something other than a traditional jersey... really appreciate all the designers who tried something that might be considered risque by voting standards. I'm a little down that I couldn't submit more than one design (Chargers), but I knew you guys would do a bang up job on the Dragons. Like the majority I'm a fan of Brendan Andersons set with the classy use of the cross striping.

Some other sets that are unique and highly underrated IMO are Chance Waddell's, Christian Ryder's (maybe needs more out of the sleeves), Alan Herbert's castle motif, and Stefan Lundigran's. That one screams Dragons to me.

@Jared - you got some good stuff going on in your Dragons package, but for me it drops into a down vote because of the dark letters and numbers on dark jersey and vice versa with the white. Just a design no-no for a pro team.

Jul 9 · 9:22 PM PDT | Registered CommenterChris Rosinski

@ChrisRosinski- Fair enough. You're a designer too and we both know the amount of time it takes to make the design and then the sense of pride you take in it afterwards. And for me this was one of my more prouder designs (only because I use MS Paint and they thing is a _______ to get anything better than great. But thanks for your CC its much appreciated.

Jul 10 · 10:12 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJared Pozzobon

as a Nova Scotian i'd say those are pretty sweet id just change the color

Sep 1 · 6:18 AM PDT | Registered CommenterWilliam Cochrane

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