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AHL Clubs Also Celebrate the Irish 

This past weekend was chock full of green jerseys all across the hockey universe. Yesterday, you got a comprehensive look at the various NHL tributes to St. Patrick's Day. Now it's time for a trip to the minors. Here are the AHL teams that went green this weekend.

Let's begin with the Binghamton Senators, who gave their alternate logo a bit of a recoloring for the occasion. The big difference between how the NHL and AHL celebrate the day o' green — apart from the variety of designs you'll see here — is the fact that in the AHL, they're not just warm-up jerseys. They're full on game sweaters.

Photos from Binghamton Senators via Facebook

That, of course, means plenty of pictures. So head over to the B-Sens' Facebook page and get a good look at this unique uniform design. There's a huge photo album for your enjoyment.

Next up, the Chicago Wolves were in on the St. Patrick's Day fun as usual.

Photos from Chicago Wolves via Facebook

Once again Facebook is the medium for a boat load of game photos. This is one of my personal favorites from the weekend. Definitely a more classic look and feel.

The Hershey Bears opted for green plaid on this day of St. Patrick. And I'm not sure they were better off for it. If the Wolves' jersey was toward the top of my list, this one was toward the bottom.

Jersey rendering from Hershey Bears via Facebook

The plaid aside, it's just a very dark and busy jersey. I'm not saying it's badly designed, but I wouldn't want one. It's a little bit much.

Photo by Anthony S. Fiore Jr. via Facebook

So far, the only game photo I've seen comes by way of Anthony S. Fiore Jr. who posted this to the Bears' Facebook page on Sunday night.

The Lake Erie Monsters marked St. Patty's Day with a black sweater and a recolored crest. Somehow the green lake makes the monster look a bit scarier.

Photos from Lake Erie Monsters via Facebook

The Monsters posted another photo on Facebook Sunday night which gives us a better glimpse at the shoulder patch and the name and numbers on the back. It's really a nice-looking sweater!

Not ones to miss out on any specialty jersey fun, the Peoria Rivermen sported green on Sunday. At first glance, the crest looks unchanged. But on closer inspection, the eagle-eyed will note the the "O" in Peoria has a four-leaf clover forming its center.

Photos from Peoria Rivermen via Facebook

Green is good and this is a brilliant example of that. And looking at this jersey, it occurs to me that this is a color scheme we rarely see in hockey. Green, blue and gold makes for a really sharp look. On Facebook, the Rivermen posted a photo collage that shows the finer details of this sweater.

Photo from Peoria Rivermen official website

They also shared this shot of a green jersey autographed by the team. And this report wouldn't be complete without a look at the sweater in action during Sunday's game against the Griffins.

Thanks to our good friend and designer Aaron Masik, the San Antonio Rampage looked pretty sharp in their green threads over the weekend.

Photo by Aaron Masik (@MASIK8) via Twitter

The Rampage tweeted a look at the jersey design on Saturday and prior to the game, Masik shared the above photo of the sweater itself by way of Twitter. Unfortunately, there isn't much to see in terms of action photos. At the time of this writing, I've found one shot on the team's Facebook page and it's not that great.

And lastly, there's the St. John's IceCaps, both wearing green and being green by recycling last season's green St. Patrick's Day jerseys.

Photos from St. John's IceCaps via Flickr

The IceCaps were kind enough to share a few photos from this Saturday's game both on Flickr and with a full game gallery on Facebook. Once again, they looked good in green.

I tried to catch everybody, but if there are any teams I've missed, let me know and I'll add them.


Loose Threads: New in the Minors

Been a bit slow news wise, lately. But there have been a few new jerseys introduced around the minor leagues I thought you guys might want to talk about. One of the best alternates in the minors has to be this one.

The ECHL's Toledo Walleye have long been mocked for their joke of a '90s-style logo — a toothless fish angrily wielding a hockey stick. (Not really helped by the addition of a Santa hat, currently seen on their website.) But I think they nailed it with this new alternate sweater. Great use of their colors and a classic design inspired by everyone's all-time favorite — the Chicago Blackhawks, who are also their NHL affiliate.

Over in the AHL, former Icethetics concept contributor Aaron Masik designed this specialty jersey for the San Antonio Rampage.

As the team's designer, Masik designs a lot of the Rampage's specialty sweaters. This one (right) was for the club's 8th annual Salute to the Badges Night.

It was worn Sat., Dec. 10 against the Peoria Rivermen, a game which San Antonio won 2-1.

Elsewhere, following the NHL Winter Classic between the Flyers and Rangers (really enjoying this season's installment of 24/7 on HBO, by the way), the sheet of ice at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia will be used once more by the AHL.

The Adirondack Phantoms and Hershey Bears will meet on Jan. 6 for an outdoor game. According to the Phantoms' website, both teams will wear special jerseys to mark the occasion.

The Bears unveiled theirs last week. You can see a rendering on their Facebook page. As for the Phantoms, I haven't been able to track down anything yet. Feel free to share a link if you've got one.


Around the AHL

Another Sunday brings another massive American Hockey League post. This particular article has been in the pipeline all week.

And I would like to start by thanking all the great readers who have contributed tips and links, as I am not the greatest at keeping track of the minor leagues on my own. But there really is a lot to get to so I'll move it along.

Photo credit: Derek PhilipponThe Portland Pirates sported their cancer-fighting pink jerseys last night.

They did so to the tune of a 2-1 victory over the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. For a good cause and win. Who could complain?

The sweater was unveiled last month. I mentioned it on the blog because I thought the crest was a bit clever, playing on the Pirates' own throwback logo along with that of their NHL affiliates, the Sabres.

For another look at the jersey in action on goalie David Leggio, go the Pirates' website. For details on how to bid on one, also go the Pirates' website.

And my thanks to Phil K. for sending along this photo too.

Whale Pack gets web revampThe Hartford Wolf Pack started implementing their new brand by recently revamping their website.

Later this fall — right in the middle of the hockey season — the team will take on new colors and a new name when they become the Connecticut Whale, prompting the nickname Whale Pack in the interim.

The rebranding efforts have already begun online, but the new look isn't expected to hit the ice until after Thanksgiving, but certainly before Christmas — banking on holiday shoppers and their kids, no doubt.

For the record, www.connecticutwhale.com has been reserved but doesn't yet take you anywhere. On the other hand, www.ctwhale.com works. Thanks to Jeremy M. for the tip on the web revamp.

Moose get new road lookThe Manitoba Moose debuted a new road jersey this season.

The old black jerseys have basically been swapped out with brand new green threads. In fact, that's exactly what's happened. The jersey design remains the same with the black and green swapped.

Let's be honest. If your color scheme is that good, why wouldn't you take advantage of it? It's good to see all the black jerseys starting to disappear from hockey. (I said "starting," there's still a long way to go.)

This photo comes from the weekly photo gallery on the AHL's official website. Great way to get a look at a variety AHL sweaters in action during the season.

Ian K. actually emailed me about this more than a month ago but I somehow overlooked it — even during the Season Preview. Jeremy M. reminded me in an email this week.

Rampage don Spurs jerseysIt finally happened. A hockey team actually wore a basketball jersey in the Age of Reebok.

All right, technically the San Antonio Rampage were still wearing hockey sweaters last night, but they were wearing a basketball logo.

It was "Spurs Night at the Rampage" for the team's 2-0 win over the Houston Aeros. Rampage players were on hand prior to the NBA's San Antonio Spurs game earlier in the week, wearing their own jerseys, by the way. (And someone has to tell me who's the guy with that crazy 'stache.)

For another look at the jersey, Ryan H. emailed in the splash page promoting Spurs Night from the Rampage's official website.

Monarchs' new uniforms unveiledThe Manchester Monarchs are rocking new home and road jerseys this season.

I've had difficulty finding any game action photos, so we'll just have to live with the terribly-lit pictures posted on the Monarchs' website when the sweaters were unveiled earlier this month.

For a side-by-side comparison of the previous set of uniforms and the new ones, I've nabbed these renderings from the AHL's online store. Thanks to Jeremy M. again for the tip.

They're affiliated with the Los Angeles Kings so I have just one question. Why in the world would they try to look like the Anaheim Ducks?! At least the old uniforms had that crown stripe on the sleeves.

Monarchs unveil specialty sweatersBy the way, that same article I linked to earlier also revealed the Monarchs' 10th anniversary logo along with a pair of specialty jerseys that will see action this season (left).

The pink one is obviously for Pink in the Rink Night. Along with the sweaters, the ice at the Verizon Wireless Arena will be painted pink. That all goes down on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011.

As for the black and gold jersey, I'll let the team explain in a blockquote:

On Saturday, December 4, the Monarchs will be celebrating the rich hockey history in New Hampshire with their final New Hampshire Legends of Hockey specialty jersey. The team will don throwback jerseys from the 1970s original Manchester Monarchs team when they host the Springfield Falcons at the Verizon Wireless Arena that night.

To be honest, I never knew there was another Manchester Monarchs team from the 1970s. Anyone have any information they can share?

Now we'll wrap up this epic post where it began — pink hockey sweaters.

Rivermen unveil pink jerseyThe Peoria Rivermen unveiled their Pink in the Rink Night specialty jersey this week.

In a rather appropriate twist, the Rivermen will sport their pink-infused threads the night before Halloween, next Saturday, when they host the Oklahoma City Barons.

I'm all for breast cancer awareness and I'm not bothered by one-off pink jerseys, but there are better ways of doing this. For instance, Portland got it right.

Still, it's good that they're doing this. The jerseys will be auctioned off after the game and the proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Thanks to Drew S. for the email tip on this jersey.

By the way, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins have four new jerseys this year, like the Monarchs, so rather than making this post even longer the Baby Pens will get their own post later this week.