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Minor Jersey Mayhem

This is a big weekend for specialty jerseys around the minor leagues. Let's start in the AHL!

Game photo from Rockford IceHogs (via Flickr)

Rockford celebrates Los IceHogs Dos!

How can we not start here? The Rockford IceHogs donned these numbers for Los IceHogs Dos this weekend. If you missed "Uno," check out this post from last year. They are really something.

I talked with IceHogs' communications director Mike Peck who said the team partnered with the Latino Leadership Coalition in Rockford for the event. In fact, they inspired the jersey design.

"They really wanted to highlight the strong musical aspect of the Hispanic/Latino culture," said Peck.

The IceHogs wore this uniform on Friday night and auctioned them off afterward with "proceeds being donated to La Voz Latina, an organization dedicated to serving the Rockford region’s Hispanic community through education, workshops and youth programming," according to the press release.

The great thing about these specialty jersey nights around the minors is that these teams are always raising money for charity. So no matter how silly the team may look on the ice, at least it's for a good cause.

Photo from Worcester Sharks (via Facebook)

Worcester raises autism awareness

The Worcester Sharks wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday to benefit The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. The puzzle piece pattern is the standard symbol of autism awareness.

Photos from Texas Stars

Texas dons player-designed stars and stripes

This Veterans Day weekend was marked by a number of patriotic or military-themed jerseys. The Texas Stars called it Stars & Stripes Military Appreciation Weekend and wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday. The subsequent jersey auction is benefiting the Texas Stars Foundation.

The cool part of this uniform is who designed it. Remember Taylor Vause? He played for the Swift Current Broncos a couple seasons and ago and was responsible for designing some fo the team's specialty jerseys. He's continued that hobby since graduating to the pros.

Vause spent most of last season with the Stars but is currently with the club's ECHL affiliate, the Idaho Steelheads. So unfortunately, while he designed this jersey, he didn't get to wear it this weekend.

Images from Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears

Falcons and Bears go patriotic for Veterans Day

The Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears honored military veterans in different ways this weekend. The Falcons wore the Hometown Heroes Night jerseys above while being shut out 3-0 on Friday. (This is the only photo I've been able to find of the jersey so far.)

The Bears, on the other hand, are going the camouflage route with tonight's set. I have yet to see any photos of the actual jersey, but the rendering above was posted to their Facebook page on Thursday.

Bakersfield can't stop making odd jerseys

And finally, we wrap up in the ECHL where this is happening tonight.

Image from Bakersfield Condors (via Facebook)

Had to make it huge so you could truly appreciate it. The Bakersfield Condors are always trying to go outside by the box with specialty jerseys. And I really don't know what to say about this one. Perhaps I could address the irony of the sponsor being Dignity Health. Because that's just what the players won't have after they wear these for three hours.

If you can't get enough, the Condors have a photo gallery on Pinterest.

I know there are some I've missed so I'll have a follow-up to this post likely later this evening. In the meantime, what do you think of these? Any favorites in the bunch?


ECHL Unveils All-Star Logo

ECHL 2011 All-Star logo unveiledThe ECHL has unveiled the logo for the 2011 All-Star Classic, which will be hosted by the Bakersfield Condors on January 26.

Details regarding the design of the logo were made available in a press release posted on the Condors' official website on Tuesday.

The logo features a condor, with its wings partially spread, perched atop the iconic Bakersfield sign, saved by Buck Owens, and displayed above the boulevard bearing his name.

The words "2011 ECHL All-Star Classic" are built within it. Stars adorn both the sign and are mixed in with the text, and the logo was constructed using the Condors maroon, cool grey, black and tan color combination.

The logo was designed by The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Company in conjunction with the ECHL and Condors offices.

You can see more of Joe Bosack's work on his company's website. The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Company is also responsible for last year's ECHL all-star logo as well as the Colorado Avalanche's primary logo.

This is the first time the ECHL all-star event has been held in Bakersfield, California. More details are available in the league press release at ECHL.com.


This Is It

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that the ECHL's Bakersfield Condors will be paying tribute to Michael Jackson on Friday night. The Condors will be honoring the King of Pop with a specialty jersey.

And this is it.

Bakersfield Condors' Michael Jackson jersey

I mean look at that thing. There's just so much to mock. The condor is wearing Jacko's trademark hat. The sweater numbers are laughably illegible. It even has the suspenders. The best part is that each player will also be wearing a single white glove.

Full details can be found on the Condors' web site. Here's a snippet.

Friday night is for all of those "Smooth Criminals" out there looking to honor the "King of Pop." The Condors players will be playing their part during the game, sporting specialty jerseys which will be auctioned off throughout the night.

The night will include music and King of Pop themed promotions as well, and Condors players will even wear one white glove during the game, some of which will later be available for purchase. To top it off, everyone in the house is eligible to win one of five game-worn tribute jerseys that will be raffled off during the game. 

Also, anybody with the name "Michael Jackson" or "Billie Jean" will receive free entry into the game by showing your ID.

For what it's worth, the Condors are no strangers to pop culture-induced jersey designs that activate your gag reflex. Last January, they joined the Wranglers in ridiculing disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (yes, teams from California and Nevada — I don't know why). Both teams dressed up as prison inmates while the refs agreed to wear prison guard getups.

I'm dying to see what this Michael Jackson jersey looks like on the ice tomorrow night (unintentional pun). I'll post pictures afterwards. My thanks to John for the tip.