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Minor Jersey Mayhem

This is a big weekend for specialty jerseys around the minor leagues. Let's start in the AHL!

Game photo from Rockford IceHogs (via Flickr)

Rockford celebrates Los IceHogs Dos!

How can we not start here? The Rockford IceHogs donned these numbers for Los IceHogs Dos this weekend. If you missed "Uno," check out this post from last year. They are really something.

I talked with IceHogs' communications director Mike Peck who said the team partnered with the Latino Leadership Coalition in Rockford for the event. In fact, they inspired the jersey design.

"They really wanted to highlight the strong musical aspect of the Hispanic/Latino culture," said Peck.

The IceHogs wore this uniform on Friday night and auctioned them off afterward with "proceeds being donated to La Voz Latina, an organization dedicated to serving the Rockford region’s Hispanic community through education, workshops and youth programming," according to the press release.

The great thing about these specialty jersey nights around the minors is that these teams are always raising money for charity. So no matter how silly the team may look on the ice, at least it's for a good cause.

Photo from Worcester Sharks (via Facebook)

Worcester raises autism awareness

The Worcester Sharks wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday to benefit The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. The puzzle piece pattern is the standard symbol of autism awareness.

Photos from Texas Stars

Texas dons player-designed stars and stripes

This Veterans Day weekend was marked by a number of patriotic or military-themed jerseys. The Texas Stars called it Stars & Stripes Military Appreciation Weekend and wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday. The subsequent jersey auction is benefiting the Texas Stars Foundation.

The cool part of this uniform is who designed it. Remember Taylor Vause? He played for the Swift Current Broncos a couple seasons and ago and was responsible for designing some fo the team's specialty jerseys. He's continued that hobby since graduating to the pros.

Vause spent most of last season with the Stars but is currently with the club's ECHL affiliate, the Idaho Steelheads. So unfortunately, while he designed this jersey, he didn't get to wear it this weekend.

Images from Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears

Falcons and Bears go patriotic for Veterans Day

The Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears honored military veterans in different ways this weekend. The Falcons wore the Hometown Heroes Night jerseys above while being shut out 3-0 on Friday. (This is the only photo I've been able to find of the jersey so far.)

The Bears, on the other hand, are going the camouflage route with tonight's set. I have yet to see any photos of the actual jersey, but the rendering above was posted to their Facebook page on Thursday.

Bakersfield can't stop making odd jerseys

And finally, we wrap up in the ECHL where this is happening tonight.

Image from Bakersfield Condors (via Facebook)

Had to make it huge so you could truly appreciate it. The Bakersfield Condors are always trying to go outside by the box with specialty jerseys. And I really don't know what to say about this one. Perhaps I could address the irony of the sponsor being Dignity Health. Because that's just what the players won't have after they wear these for three hours.

If you can't get enough, the Condors have a photo gallery on Pinterest.

I know there are some I've missed so I'll have a follow-up to this post likely later this evening. In the meantime, what do you think of these? Any favorites in the bunch?


Have You Seen Los IceHogs?

Images from Rockford IceHogs (official website)

Novelty promotions are commonplace in the minor leagues. But sometimes you just have to shake your head. And the AHL's Rockford IceHogs are really standing out right now.

Over the weekend, the team gave away bobbleheads bearing that looked like to the two dudes at the center of last night's onslaught of news coverage. (Was there an election or something?) Then later this month, the one and only IceHogs will transform into Los IceHogs. (The same, right, but more... Mexican-ish.)

These were two things that deserved some blog time. I couldn't resist. Especially the specialty jersey, which will be worn next Friday, Nov. 16. And get this, the first 2,500 fans are getting free maracas. How much do you not want to be at that game? Ah, but you might change your mind when you learn who's making a special visit.

Dora the Explorer. The celebrity from whom every hockey fan dreams of getting a visit.

Anyway, this gave me a good laugh and I hope it'll do the same for you. Tell me. What do you think of Los IceHogs? And what other cultural stereotypes could these guys use to mask their big pig of a mascot?


Green is the Way to Go

There are many reasons for going green. Today, a sampling of some of those reasons.

The hue between yellow and blue is quite a popular topic these days. Most of us understand it in the figurative sense — a method of curbing our effect on the slowly heating planet (which hockey fans should be most concerned about as our sport relies heavily on frozen water). Others take it in the literal sense.

Namely, the AHL's Rockford IceHogs, whose color scheme does not include green. They will wear special green jerseys on Friday, Nov. 20 as part of their "Going Green Night."

The announcement was made on the team's web site last week and includes details as well as an example of what this new sweater will look like.

AHL's Rockford IceHogs go green!

I bet the Blackhawks could pull off the green pretty well.

In any case, the release doesn't specify as to whether these jerseys will be auctioned for charity or saved and worn again in the future. All it says is that this is "the first time in which the IceHogs will sport green uniforms."

Also recently announced, Team Canada will be donning green threads at the upcoming IIHF World Junior Championship in Saskatchewan to pay tribute to "Saskatchewan's favourite sports team" — the CFL's Roughriders.

Team Canada's junior club goes green

The official release talks about how this new sweater will be used.

Canada’s National Junior Team will wear the jerseys twice — once in a pre-competition game and once during the championship. Canada is attempting to win its sixth-straight IIHF World Junior Championship gold medal.

The jerseys will be auctioned online (though it doesn't say where the money is going). The event takes place from December 26 until January 5 in Regina and Saskatoon.

Now back to the NHL.

The Minnesota Wild are going green this season for yet another reason having to do with neither the environment nor a pro football franchise. The club is going back to their roots with a new green third jersey — which just debuted last week.

But actually the Wild news I have to share has little if anything to do with that — I'm just trying to keep a theme going.

A type designer Rob Leuschke was interviewed by MyFonts.com for their monthly newsletter. Relevance? Apparently, in 1997, Leuschke was offered his dream job when he was asked to design a word mark for the newly formed Minnesota NHL expansion franchise.

Meet the designer of the original Wild word mark

That's right, he created the Wild's the original word mark which you can still find on the shoulders of the club's road sweater.

Since I was a small boy I had an interest in art and lettering. Handwriting was my favorite subject in first grade and I liked to copy the emblems of professional football, hockey and baseball teams.

I’ve never been much of an illustrator, but graphic drawings — especially those containing letterforms — were always a big pleasure. When I got the call to design the word mark for the Minnesota Wild back in 1997, it was an especially nostalgic thrill to do something I dreamed about as a kid.

Read more about font designer Rob Leuschke at MyFonts.com.

• • •

And finally, breaking away from the green theme entirely, here's an interesting article. It's all about the hockey glove and its unachieved potential as a fashion statement. If that wasn't enough of a reason to click through, perhaps this will do.

(Just a little something to freak you out — on a Friday.)