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Heritage Classic Uniforms Unveiled!

Photos from Ottawa Senators

Senators officially reveal new outdoor jersey

The Ottawa Senators unveiled their 2014 NHL Heritage Classic jersey at a special press event this morning in Ottawa. And it looks even better than it did in yesterday's leaked photo.

In essence, though, it's nothing more than a light version of the black Heritage jersey the Sens debuted two years ago — which is all it needs to be. Here's a look at the full uniform.

Photos from Ottawa Senators

The third Heritage Classic will take place at B.C. Place in Vancouver 99 years after the original Senators club met the Vancouver Millionaires for the 1915 Stanley Cup series. The Millionaires swept them. Will history repeat itself this winter?

We were treated to a few sneak peek photos of this jersey over the past week, but one aspect we hadn't seen was the shoulder patches. They are, of course, the same as what we find on the black jersey. The team's name in English on the right shoulder, in French on the left.

Photo from Ottawa Senators

Canucks will reprise Millionaires sweater

The other big news to come out of this morning's announcement was confirmation that their opponent, the Vancouver Canucks, will indeed bring back last year's Millionaires jerseys for the big game. Jason Spezza and Henrik Sedin were on hand to model the throwback-inspired sweaters.

Photos from Ottawa Senators (via Instagram)

Should be a great-looking, stripe-filled game! And I'm looking forward to being there.


Sens to Unveil Heritage Classic Jersey

Ottawa's new sweater to launch on Nov. 28

While America celebrates Thanksgiving, Canada will celebrate the arrival of a new NHL sweater. The Ottawa Senators announced Sunday they will unveil their 2014 Heritage Classic jersey on Thurs., Nov. 28. The outdoor game will be hosted by the Vancouver Canucks at B.C. Place on March 2.

As we've come to expect, the next 11 days will be filled with photo and video teasers through the Sens' social media avenues. In case you want to follow them, here are their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But you can always count on seeing them here as well.

Also included in the press release was this insight into the big game.

The Heritage Classic game is a tribute to the 1915 Stanley Cup match where the Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) faced the Ottawa Senators (NHA). This would be the first time that the champions from both professional leagues would face off for the Stanley Cup.

Does this mean the Canucks will reprise those Vancouver Millionaires sweaters from last season?

File photo from Vancouver Canucks (2012)

It sure sounds that way. Those jerseys were too nice not to get a second go-around. But if that is the case, it would be the first time any Winter Classic jersey had been used prior to its outdoor appearance. (Yes, they've mostly been throwbacks, but you know what I'm saying.)

If the Canucks sport maroon, the Sens would have to go with something lighter. Many readers have expressed a desire to see a "vintage white" version of the Senators' black third jersey — also known as the Heritage Jersey. At this point that's almost a shoo-in. It could make for a great-looking game!

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it. (In person!)


Heritage Classic Logo Surfaces

Photo from Noah Kallner (via Twitter)

Logo for 2014 event is remarkably similar to 2011 version

The logo for the 2014 NHL Heritage Classic surfaced on Twitter last night. Noah Kallner tweeted the photo above, which shows a Heritage Classic t-shirt emblazoned with the never-before-seen mark.

The logo is remarkably similar to the one belonging to the last Heritage Classic which took place in Calgary in 2011. If you need a refresher on what that logo looked like, here you go.

On first glance, they look exactly the same but for the skyline in the center. But the eagle-eyed will note a few more updated details — the ribbons, the frame, etc. I'm actually very happy about this. It'd be easy to say the league wasn't be creative by retooling an old design, but it was such a beautiful design to begin with. I'm glad it's getting a second life in Vancouver.

The 2014 NHL Heritage Classic takes place Sun., March 2 at B.C. Place in Vancouver, B.C. between the Vancouver Canucks and the Ottawa Senators. No official word on the jerseys yet, but it's rumored the Sens are working on a light version of their black Heritage Jersey introduced in 2011.

If that's the case, the Canucks could break out their Millionaires sweaters again.

It's possible this could be my last blog updated for a little while. I'll be on vacation until the beginning of August with very little web access. I'll try to keep up with Twitter so make sure you keep an eye there.


Introducing the Utica Comets

Canucks' AHL affiliate unveils name, logo and uniforms

The AHL's Peoria Rivermen have been searching for a new home over the last several weeks after the Vancouver Canucks purchased the franchise and announced it would be leaving Illinois. This afternoon at a press conference in Utica, N.Y., the team officially became the Utica Comets.

The new logo was first to be unveiled. Its shield design gives it an almost soccer-like quality. But the flying puck leaves no doubt this is New York's newest hockey team. The crest is styled after the look of the Canucks, the club's owner and NHL affiliate. Which is good because the jerseys belong to Vancouver too.

Utica Comets home, road and alternate jerseys (via Canucks website)

Comets to wear modified Canucks sweaters

Also unveiled at today's news conference were the new home and road uniforms, which are essentially Canucks jerseys with a different crest. And rather than using the Canucks' primary logo on the shoulders, it's the secondary mark — the stick in the rink. 

This has naturally led to questions from readers about whether it "means something" for the Canucks' future. I think it has more to do with aesthetics (the orca logo doesn't have any green) than anything else. And they're actually not alone. The Worcester Sharks wear on their shoulders the same shield logo the San Jose Sharks wear on their pants.

I like the simple carryover from the Canucks on the home and road designs. But that third jersey doesn't do it for me. There's clearly an effor there to call back to a Comets jersey from an earlier era, but text and numbers on the front rarely find favor with me.

Comets announce name, logos and uniforms at press conference (via Facebook)

New name a nod to the region's hockey history

Today's announcement marks the return of AHL hockey to Utica. The city had previously been home to the Utica Devils (who are now, somewhat ironically, the Abbotsford Heat) but that was 20 years ago. The franchise left town in 1993.

The name Comets has a long history in the area. Nearby Clinton, N.Y. was home to the Clinton Comets starting way back in 1927 — though they didn't pick up the Comets moniker until 1949. The team played in a number of leagues over the years but they made their name after joining the Eastern Hockey League in 1954. Can you name the other EHL team that's now a member of the AHL? It's the Charlotte Checkers.

The Canucks posted a neat infographic on their website that delves into the history a bit. It explains how the new logo was inspired by the old Clinton Comets logo. The mixture of Canucks elements really brings it all together if you ask me.

It's a great, simple design that accomplishes everything it needs to as far as establishing an AHL franchise in a new city. Sure we'll hear complaints about the text in the logo, the puck, and probably even cracks about the lack of creativity in the jerseys themselves. But consider the amount of time the organization had to put this all together.

The Canucks bought the Rivermen franchise in April. That's just two months to get logos designed and approved and put jerseys and other merchandise into production. That's a very fast turnaround for something like this. And it's rather impressive to see what the end result was.

Comets to begin play in Utica this fall

The Comets will hit the ice in October and have this inaugural season logo to mark the occasion. Looks familiar, right? Like the Canucks' 40th anniversary logo from a couple years ago? Certainly a logo design time-saver if I ever saw one. That said, it's well executed.

For more on the new Utica Comets...

There was a lot put on the web today about the Comets, especially through official channels. So if you want to learn more, how about a nice link dump? 

After you get your fill, drop back by and share your thoughts on the new Utica Comets.


Sweaters Worth a Million Bucks

On Friday, it became official. After leaking out little teasers here and there, the Vancouver Canucks "officially" unveiled their spectacular Vancouver Millionaires jerseys as part of their celebration of A Century of Hockey in Vancouver. Check out David Booth in the locker room surrounded by maroon.

Photo from Vancouver Canucks (via Facebook)

Along with the unveiling, the Canucks announced — as we suspected — that the special uniforms will be worn Sat., March 16 when the Detroit Red Wings pay a visit to Vancouver. If you need a reminder why the Wings are the perfect team to wear this jersey against, check out the previous blog post.

Image from Vancouver Canucks (via YouTube)

The Canucks also rolled out a new video that skims the surface of Vancouver's hockey history just enough for the average fan to understand why the team will be wearing such unusual looking jerseys.

Photos from Vancouver Canucks (via Instagram)

If you're eager to see more photos of the new sweater, be sure to check out the Canucks' Instagram account. There's also a neat gallery of behind-the-scenes stills from the team photo shoot on The Province's website.

Now mark your calendars for March 16. It'll be quite a sight!