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Isles To Go With 3rd Full Time?

Chris Botta at NYI Point Blank seems to think so.

Botta says the New York Islanders are looking into making their new third jersey their first jersey in a year or two. The all-too-recent switch to the Rbk EDGE Uniform System which brought along with it a completely new look for the Isles may preclude them from doing it that soon, but the team is certainly exploring the option for the future.

I mean how could you not want to wear that all the time? It's a nice looking uniform. It'd be a shame to only wear it 15 times a year. Why not 41?

For more on the unveiling of the Islanders' third jersey, click here.

Thanks to Sean from Going Five Hole for letting me know about the article.


Islanders Unveil Third Jersey!

The New York Islanders have officially unveiled their new third jersey for the 2008-09 season. It's the classic throwback from the 1970s featuring royal blue and orange.

A major improvement over the new EDGE jerseys they introduced last year.

Here you can see Bill Guerin modeling the new uniform — and we now see what the Isles meant by new "uniform." The last time they had a third jersey, the rest of the uniform remained the same.

Overall, it's a great look. It surprises me that more jerseys, like some of the throwback thirds that have been unveiled, weren't introduced as the primary jerseys last year when Reebok took over.

On their web site, the Islanders have a cool 360-degree view of Guerin in the new uniform. What's interesting is the way the horizontal stripes around the socks seem to be broken at the calf.

You can see a picture of what I'm talking about below.

This third jersey will make its game debut on Saturday when the Isles face the Montreal Canadiens for "Throwback Night." I'll be sure to grab some pictures from the game.

One more shot of Guerin in the new sweater.

Group photo! Bobby Nystrom, Josh Bailey, Mike Sillinger and Clark Gillies model the new sweater below.

Having not seen any high resolution images of the jersey, something I hadn't realized was the extra lines around the stick signifying the number of Stanley Cup championships.

"I think the new jerseys are fantastic," said Bob Nystrom, a member of the original 1972 Islanders squad. "The colors really bring me back to our early teams. I think the fans are really going to buy into the jerseys because anybody who saw the team when we played, will appreciate the original colors. Plus, I like the subtle change the made to add another strip to the stick, signifying the four Cups."

And if you want to watch the actual unveiling during the Islanders Business Club event today, here's the video.

So there it is. What do you think of the new uniform?


Isles Unveiling Third Tonight

Just reminding everyone that the New York Islanders will be unveiling their new third jersey tonight at the Islanders Business Club event. They have more information on their web site.

I believe the event is scheduled for 5 PM but photos will be posted online tonight for those who can't be there or at the game afterwards.

The event is exclusive for IBC members, but following the event fans in attendance tonight’s Islanders/Rangers game will get their first look at the uniform.

Once again, the team's description of the new sweaters seems to indicate something more than a throwback but I'm not so sure.

Current and former Islanders will be on hand to unveil the Islanders first complete uniform change since 1996. The Islanders will take the ice in the new uniforms for the first time on Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens. ... They will wear the uniform a total of 15 times this season.

This marks the eighth time since the Islanders entered the league in 1972 that the team has made a significant change to their jersey or complete uniform. The last time the Islanders played in a “Third Jersey” was in 2006-07 when the team donned an orange jersey for a number of home games.

I would consider the 2006 orange third jersey a significant change in uniform, so why they're going back to 1996, I'm not sure. I'm really excited to see what they've come up with now.

I'll have pictures up tonight — probably not right away — but they'll be here. Keep an eye on the Isles' web site.


Era Of Change For Hockey Uniforms

There's an article in today's Newsday talking about the lack of originality in hockey uniforms over the last several years. The column, written by Mark Herrmann, comes a day before the New York Islanders are scheduled to reveal their new third jersey.

It's an interesting enough read for anyone who's a fan of Icethetics. But the cool thing is Icethetics gets a mention and I'm even quoted in the piece. But give it a read and see what you think.

And try to look past the first paragraph which mentions the Blackhawks winning the THN logo tournament. It was actually the Canadiens, but the point about red taking over the league still stands.

By the way guys, I just wanted to address the lack of posts this weekend. Not only did I have a lot of plans, but I've been hard at work on the new Icethetics web site and all that goes with that. Hopefully all of this work will pay off and you guys will appreciate Icethetics' new home. We'll even have our own domain and everything like so many of you have been asking for!

I plan to make an announcement some time this week so keep checking back.


Isles Prep For New Jersey

Hmm, that would've been a better pun if the New York Islanders had a game against the Devils in the next week or so. Instead, it's not even a pun. I'm obviously talking about their new alternate uniform.

First thing I have to address is the countdown in the sidebar. Surprisingly, I've gotten more than a few emails asking why Icethetics has a countdown of 4 days while the Isles' official web site has a countdown of 9 days to the new third jersey. The answer is simple. I'm counting down to the day the jersey will be unveiled to fans. The team's site is counting down to the day the sweater makes its game debut — five days later. Hope that clears some things up.

Speaking of which, Newsday's Greg Logan is reminding us that the Islanders will in fact unveil their new sweaters on Monday and he got a look a new royal blue helmet.

The Islanders are going to unveil their third jersey on Monday. First to see it will be the members of the Islanders Business Club who attend the meeting scheduled that evening before the Isles meet the Rangers for the first time this season at the Coliseum. Then, the jersey will be displayed for fans during the course of that game.

The first time the Islanders actually wear their new uniforms will be on Saturday, Nov. 1 against Montreal. They will wear them at all subsequent Saturday home games. Including the Canadiens game, there are 13 such dates.

I happened to see the helmet yesterday, and it’s a switch back to the traditional royal blue of the classic Islanders jersey. In the past, I heard the third jersey would be the same as the ones the team wore two seasons ago that had orange numbers. But that might not be the case. The Isles might go all the way back to their roots to wear the original blue jersey with white numerals. That was the “road” jersey way back when. But we’ll have to wait a couple days to find out for sure.

If you recall, last week I pointed out that the team's web site was saying the thirds will be entirely new which seems to indicate they won't be rehashing the past. However, everything I've read and seen seems to indicate Logan is on the money here.

I'm betting on a classic vintage look with the same logo and everything. But like he says, we'll find out for sure in a few days.

By the way, I've got some possible Winter Classic and Penguins third jersey scoop. I'll do some more research and get back to you.


Isles To Get "Entirely New" Jersey?

The New York Islanders will unveil their third jersey on October 27, according to the team's official web site.

As part of the announcement, the Isles have indicated that "they will have an entirely new look" when they first take the ice with it against the Canadiens on November 1. This is not what we've been hearing. All the rumors have pointed to a throwback blue sweater — which obviously wouldn't be entirely new.

Interestingly, the countdown clock is back on their site. I wrote about it when it first appeared two weeks ago. It was quickly replaced with a countdown to the Isles' home opener. Here's a look at their site today.

You can also read the statement on the new third jersey.

You might have noticed that in the top right-hand corner of, there is a clock counting down to 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 1. On that night, when the Islanders take the ice against the Montreal Canadiens, they will have an entirely new look—donning a brand new “Third Jersey.” But the Isles will be wearing more than just a new jersey. For the first time since 1996, the Islanders will skate in a game wearing a completely new uniform—including a new jersey, pants, helmet, gloves, and socks.

The new uniform—which will be officially unveiled on October 27—will serve as an alternative to the ones the Islanders wear at home, and will be worn 15 times during the 2008-09 season.

“Looking back at the Islanders uniform history, I noticed that there had been no change in the total Islander player uniform since 1996 and seized the opportunity to bring our fans a great new look,” said Terry Goldstein, the Islanders Director of Retail Operations. “During the past 15 months, I have worked very closely with our Head Equipment Manager Scott Boggs to engineer the change in the player equipment to coordinate with the new uniform."

In addition, the Islanders will introduce a special edition of the game puck which will only be used when the players wear the new uniform.

This marks the eighth time since the Islanders entered the league in 1972 that the team has made a significant change to their jersey or complete uniform. The last time the Islanders played in a “Third Jersey” was in 2006-07 when the team donned an orange jersey for a number of home games.

So we'll keep an eye out for this "completely new uniform" on October 27. The sidebar countdown has been updated to reflect this new information.


Icethetics Season Preview, Part IV


The Icethetics Season Preview is winding down. All week I've been getting you caught up with what's new in the world of hockey as it pertains to the right side of your brain.

Unlike last season, no NHL clubs are introducing new primary logos this season. However with the re-introduction of third jerseys this fall — and I'll go deeper into this tomorrow — a handful of teams will have new marks for their new duds.

There's no better team to start with for this topic than the Buffalo Sabres. I know a number of tradition-loving fans are thrilled at the prospect of the team's original logo making its' return — even if it is on a part-time basis.

The updated classic logo with a darker blue and silver lining will be worn on the Sabres' third jersey this season. Some are even hoping this logo will eventually be promoted to full-time status. It's not unprecedented for a third jersey logo to eventually become a team's primary. The Blue Jackets and Blues both did it.

Speaking of the St. Louis Blues, they've also unveiled a new logo to go on their new third jersey. The main feature is the use of the Gateway Arch imagery but it's also got the classic circle style — similar to what the Wild did when they introduced their first and only third jersey in 2003.

It's a beautiful design and use of color and stays true to the original Blue Note. You have to hand it to the Blues for really getting this one right.

Technically, the Carolina Hurricanes also have something new on their new third jersey. This dark version of their primary logo can be found on the shoulders. It's nothing spectacular, but it sure is a nice touch. And I assure you it looks much better in context, on the black jersey.

But that's all for new NHL logos — officially. But leaks happen and there's no group in the world that can really keep a secret — except the ones that kill people. So over the course of the summer, a few logos have make their way to those of us interested enough in finding them.

We'll begin with the Los Angeles Kings, who will be unveiling a new third jersey next month. The logo seen here fits the description for what we've heard about this particular sweater. It was discovered on a governmental trademark web site. And while those web sites generally tend to use only black and white images, it's believed this logo as well as the jersey will be black and white — and maybe silver.

So I trust this image and fully expect to see it on the front of the Kings' new third jersey in November.

Another team with leaking logos is the Phoenix Coyotes. Two brand new logos turned up over the summer.

The logo on the left is expected to be on the front of the Coyotes' new third jersey — also expected for release next month. The one on the right, if I were to guess, will probably be on the shoulder of this jersey — if they use it on a uniform at all. It could just be one of those alternate logos that only gets used on a handful of merchandise. The Canucks, Senators and Sharks all have logos like that.

Along with these other leaked logos were a couple of new scripts that turned up for the Coyotes and the Boston Bruins.

This new script logo for the Bruins matches much better with the new logo they unveiled last year.

The New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers are expected to go retro with their new third jerseys this season.

Technically, these aren't "new" logos but they are new additions for this season.

And that's that. We're expecting to see something new when the Thrashers, Lightning, Stars and Senators unveil their new third jerseys, but rumor has it they'll simply be text logos across the chest.

If you think I missed anything, shoot me an email and I'll be sure to add it. Otherwise, that does it for the this edition of the Icethetics Season Preview. Tomorrow is the last day of the Icethetics Season Preview (or is it?) and it's all about third jerseys. It's all the intelligence we've gathered this summer wrapped up in one big post.


Isles Counting Down To Third Jersey

As of yesterday, we now know all of the third jersey launch dates. But it's still nice to get confirmations from the individual teams — and to know that they're as excited about all of this as we are.

Having said that, the New York Islanders' official web site now features a countdown at the top of the page. What's it counting down to? You guessed it.

That countdown appears to confirm November 1 as the big day. The bigger geeks among you will be able to pinpoint down the second, the time at which I made that screenshot above.

Anyway, I'm told the Isles are marketing the game as "Throwback Night" and they'll be facing the Montreal Canadiens. Shocker.

Thanks to Lucas for the tip!

Hey by the way, if you're still on the Islanders' web site, there's a cool feature you should check out about the guy who's in charge of getting the ice done at the Nassau Coliseum.


Fans Get Creative

I've been trying to get some concept art posted a little more frequently. So since we're lacking any real news today, I can offer you these concept designs created by some of your fellow readers.

We'll start with the Kings and some ideas for their new third jersey.

And here's a series of various Kings logos from history in black and silver on a black sweater.

They don't all work, obviously. So let's get some color back in here.

I could really get behind a jersey like that.

Got a couple of concept logos to share as well. We'll start with the Blackhawks.

You already know I'm not a fan of their Indian head logo, but you can also be assured that I don't think this is the right direction. Very clean design though.

This would only work for the Islanders if the Rangers didn't exist. But this Big Apple imagery won't fly for the team on Long Island. Still, it's another excellent logo.

And we'll finish where we started — colorless.

These are some all-star game jersey ideas. Not bad, but very plain.


Inspiring Concepts

It's been a while since I've done a concept post. But as you know I've been busy redesigning the blog this weekend (again). Before I get into today's artwork — and there's a lot of it — I wanted to share my inspiration for this latest round of design upgrades.

A reader and graphic artist named Guillaume Bellemare emailed me a couple of weeks ago about the design of Icethetics. He said he had some ideas for improving it and I asked him to send me whatever he came up with. I just wanted to show you guys what he sent.

First of all, Guillaume obviously does really great work. You can check out his web site for more like it. You can click on the images above to enlarge them. On the left is the logo he created. I don't plan on using it (not a big fan of the font) but I do like the concept a lot. And on the right you can see the site design he came up with. So I have to credit Guillaume with putting the idea of a pollbar in my head. It wasn't until I saw his design that it really clicked with me.

One of the main focuses of this site is the polls. Why am I letting them get buried in pages of posts? It didn't make any sense. Now you have a quick at-a-glance way of seeing what you can vote on — and how long you have left to do so. That was the main element I took away from his demo here.

As for the rest of it, like I told him, the majority of the people who visit Icethetics are designers or otherwise artsy people who tend to use higher resolution monitors. Tiny text is difficult to read so I prefer large text and lots of spacing. I also widened the page for the same reason. Anyway, there's no need to beat this to death, so I'm not going to go into anymore details unless specifically asked.

If you have any questions, email me or comment. Now for today's concept art...

We're beginning with the Ducks because I have two great logo designs for them.

This one I like a lot but it's funny to me that, like the Canucks, the uniform would feature a prominent color not in the actual logo itself. The designer created orange uniforms for this concept. Still a great logo. The next one, I don't know.

It is quite duck-like, but I'm not sure that's winning it points. A little detailed perhaps, it makes great use of Anaheim's new colors. Moving on now to the Coyotes.

I think this logo would be improved by filling in the moon with a color. And while I like Phoenix's actual logo better, in this one, the coyote actually appears to be howling.

Another interesting Sabres design to add to the pile.

Simple, straightforward, traditional. Nothing wrong with that.

The next piece is based off an Islanders concept logo I posted here about a month ago.

Those are some nice jerseys and I can't see how the club from Long Island could go wrong with a logo like that.

We'll finish things off with a little something for the Quebecois population out there still missing the Nordiques. Here's what the old club might've looked like in today's Rbk EDGE sweaters.

Not bad at all.