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Pens Unveiling Third Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially announced they will be unveiling their new third jersey on Wednesday, November 5. That's a day earlier than we previously thought.

You can read about the event on their web site. It will take place at Dick’s Sporting Goods in The Mall at Robinson from 6 to 8 PM. It will be open to the public. So I encourage those of you that can make it to take pictures and send them in to share with everyone.

According to their statement, the new alternate sweater will be modeled after their Winter Classic jersey from last season. I understand it won't look exactly the same and there may be some piping involved, but this powder blue jersey is the basic design.

Along with this announcement, the Pens' have a link to a very informative page about the team's uniform history. Worth a read.

Thanks to Vincent for the tip.

On a related note, the Chicago Blackhawks have not yet said anything publicly about their anticipated third jersey. However, I would expect to see it show up without a lot of fanfare on Monday night when they face the Avalanche.

The Hawks along with the Red Wings recently unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys, which look spectacular if you ask me.

I'll keep on top of things and let you know whatever I find out.


On Deck For Super Saturday

This is going to be quite a night. For one thing, it's what the NHL is calling "Super Saturday" — all 30 teams have games today. But there's some other stuff going on.

First, we've got the unveiling of the new Winter Classic jerseys tonight during the Red Wings-Blackhawks game — which will be broadcast locally on FSN Detroit and WGN-TV in Chicago. I'm also assuming the teams will have pictures or video posted on their web site at some point tonight or tomorrow.

As soon as there's something to post, I'll have it right here on Icethetics.

But we have a few hours, so why not speculate? Turning now to one of the best hockey sites on the web for some visual assistance — My honest opinion is they'll go with the 1991-92 throwbacks.

Classy... obnoxious... you know the drill. But a random message board post — which I can't vouch for the veracity of — suggests these as the subject of alternative speculation.

It would certainly be an interesting choice for both teams and nothing to sneeze at but that isn't even a Red Wings jersey. It belonged to the Detroit Cougars. In any case we'll know for sure tonight. Hope those of you that can watch will report back.

I also wanted to mention Thursday's Canucks post again. The date referenced in that video is tonight. And after reading all the comments and other message board posts elsewhere, I'm among those convinced this viral promotion has to do with the fans and possible the return in some form of the 7th Man campaign.

I mean the answer to all of the questions in that video is "the fans." So it makes sense. Now, having said that I'm still not discounting the possibility of a third jersey unveiling. That would be a nice gift to the fans, I'm sure. So those in attendance tonight at GM Place can report back and I'll spread the word here.

So besides, Danny Boyle bitterly returning to Tampa in a new sweater, anything else going on tonight around the league?


Winter Classic Jerseys To Be Unveiled

The Winter Classic 2009 jerseys will be unveiled on Saturday night when the Chicago Blackhawks face the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center. The announcement was made this morning on the Hawks' official web site.

The unveiling will take place during the broadcast of the game tomorrow night on WGN-TV and FSN Detroit. I'm sure pictures will be posted online by both teams. If anyone can record the unveiling and post it on YouTube, I'd be happy to put your video here on Icethetics — that's assuming the teams don't beat you to it.

So anyway, remember how I told you yesterday I'd have Winter Classic news I'd get back to you on? Well there it is. I was just waiting for some confirmation before posting and now we've got it.

I'm also still working on that Penguins news. Basically, it sounds like their new third jersey might not look exactly like what they wore at last year's Winter Classic. Close, but not exact. I'll get you more when I have it.


Blackhawks Third Jersey Leaks Too!

Seems like the leaks are flowing like water this year — unlike last when the Rbk EDGE first rolled out. First it was the Lightning and Flyers last week. Then the Canucks just last night.

Now, we have our first look at the Chicago Blackhawks' third jersey.

This alternate sweater had the least amount of suspense and buzz about it considering there was no change from what the Hawks wore prior to the EDGE era. The black jersey was simply adapted to the EDGE style.

Right down to the shoulder patch.

These images were provided on a message board called The 300 Level by a user named gusev. There are more images available there if you're interested.

Again, this is not an official unveiling. These are leaked images of the jersey. It's my understanding the sweater will make its on-ice debut on November 3 when the Blackhawks face the Avalanche in Chicago. I wouldn't expect any sort of unveiling ceremony or event. It'll probably just show up that night in the game.


Fans Get Creative

I've been trying to get some concept art posted a little more frequently. So since we're lacking any real news today, I can offer you these concept designs created by some of your fellow readers.

We'll start with the Kings and some ideas for their new third jersey.

And here's a series of various Kings logos from history in black and silver on a black sweater.

They don't all work, obviously. So let's get some color back in here.

I could really get behind a jersey like that.

Got a couple of concept logos to share as well. We'll start with the Blackhawks.

You already know I'm not a fan of their Indian head logo, but you can also be assured that I don't think this is the right direction. Very clean design though.

This would only work for the Islanders if the Rangers didn't exist. But this Big Apple imagery won't fly for the team on Long Island. Still, it's another excellent logo.

And we'll finish where we started — colorless.

These are some all-star game jersey ideas. Not bad, but very plain.


Freak Out Friday XLII

Freak Out Friday is finally back! After taking six weeks off, everybody's favorite series is making its' big return today. For those of you who just joined us in the last six weeks, take a look at some past Fridays. Some of the best ones were on the old blog. Basically, I take the opportunity every couple of weeks to showcase some of the weirdest and craziest concept art that turns up in my inbox.

Now, we're starting back up with an easy one. What did we last make fun on Freak Out Friday and what do we make fun of the most? Could it have been the Mighty Ducks' mid-90s third jerseys? What if they mated with the Kings?

Sticking with California for a moment, imagine if the Sharks went in an entirely different direction with their logo design.

That's not even the best one, and you'll notice that the majority of today's Freak Outs come by way of David Delisle who, while doing excellent work, sure ends up with some odd stuff.

Last month I featured a blog that was holding a competition to design the best Hurricanes/Whalers hybrid jersey for the franchise's 30th anniversary.

That's so scary it's actually good. And to all of you who think the Hurricanes' logo looks like a toilet flushing... this logo brings back memories of when my first goldfish died.

The Flames will be our next topic of discussion.

Check out that logo in the middle. The more astute among you will notice some things hiding in plain sight. The less astute will just be amused by this.

The Blue Jackets are next on our hit list. All this time and no one's ever made a concept showing jerseys that look like blue jackets. Until now.

How would that not get your team laughed off the ice?

Finally, a combination of odd designs by our new buddy Dave.

Yes, we get it. There are a lot of cabs in New York. By the way, the record needle on the end of a hockey stick is pretty funny.

One more thing, which isn't related to hockey but still funny. Kurt Snibbe of's Page 2 had some fun messing with NFL logos last week. I highly recommend a look even if you don't like football.

And that's all there is for this 42nd edition of the Freak Out Friday. I hope to be back in two weeks with a new crop of the ridiculous so make sure you guys keep them coming.


Around The League

Time to get caught up on a bunch of news items from around the NHL. Get comfortable. This is a long one.

Vancouver Canucks goalie Curtis Sanford has decided on the fan-designed mask he'll be wearing this season. Hundreds of designs were submitted and the winner was announced yesterday on the team's web site.

I'll follow up when pictures of the final mask start popping up.


The Chicago Blackhawks recently attended a White Sox baseball game — I'm guessing to show the other hometown ball club that they don't love them any less than the Cubs even though they'll be playing in the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. But they were wearing some unusual jerseys for the occasion.

See what I mean? Let's just hope they never make it on the ice.


The Los Angeles Kings continue to pimp their season tickets by offering a free third jersey no one's ever seen. Guess that's one way to avoid complaints. You can't whine about something that's free (...oh, wait a minute). There's an ad on their web site showing that ol' question mark jersey.


I got an email from an Atlanta Thrashers season ticket holder who asked his account rep about when the team would be unveiling their third jersey so he could get tickets for that game. He was told Friday, November 14 when they play the Hurricanes. That date coincides with what I've had in the sidebar.


Recently, a handful of new Phoenix Coyotes logos leaked and now it seems the team's own web site has some confirmation of at least one of them. A version of the new script logo in that post can be seen in the CoyotesFest logo.

The event is this Saturday at 11 AM. The team hasn't indicated any plans to unveil their third jersey... but neither did the Bruins.


Speaking of third jerseys, aside from the Sabres and Coyotes, a handful of other teams are holding fan events this weekend. Only the Sabres have mentioned anything about unveiling their third jersey, but it'll be worth keeping an eye on these other guys.

The Ottawa Senators will have their Fanfest on Saturday from 8 AM to 1:30 PM. They really want you waking up early for a Saturday morning. Anyway, on the agenda for the day is the grand opening of The Sens Store. Might they have certain new merchandise for sale? (Wink, wink.)

The Chicago Blackhawks have Training Camp Festival 2008 on the books for Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. The Bruins unveiled their new third jersey to very little fanfare. I'd expect the same from the Blackhawks who are likely to go with their standard black alternate that's been in service for over a decade now. Will they have it on display at this event?

The St. Louis Blues will hold FANfest on Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM. There's a Q&A scheduled with head coach Andy Murray and president of hockey operations John Davidson with season ticket holders at 1:45 PM. I can almost guarantee someone will ask about third jerseys. What will the guys say?

That wraps things up for today. I wanted to get as much new information as I could in this post since it might be the only one I write today.


Blues, Blackhawks & Blue Jackets

Hope you guys are psyched for the Center Ice Tournament. I've been busy getting that prepared but in the meantime I did promise you concept art. Today's theme is the Central Division.

First up, the Blues — in an assortment of different colors.

These logos have a very different feel to them as well because of the hand-drawn look. The NHL has never really done anything like this. Also, there's a jersey to go with them.

But back to a more simplistic approach, what about a striping pattern on the jersey that alludes to the Gateway Arch?

Here's an interesting wordmark.

Next is my favorite subject, as you know, the Blackhawks. The designer tells me he came up with this logo around the time the Senators first introduced their 3Dish logo. You give the Indian head a quarter turn and he might look something like this.

I like it a lot — maybe not as a logo, but just in general. Plus, remember this logo? Somebody put it on a jersey.

Not bad at all.

We'll finish things up here with the Blue Jackets. Here we're replacing the hat with a cannon on the secondary logo.

And here's a variety of color patterns for Columbus' jerseys.

Nothing really jumps out at me (in fact, it took me a minute to notice they were all different).

Don't forget, tomorrow you'll get your first look at some of the logos designed for Project: IHA. I can't wait to post them and get your feedback. Plus the Center Ice Tournament bracket will make it's debut. So there's a lot you won't want to miss.


Freak Out Friday XL

This is the 40th installment of the Freak Out Friday series. And the Roman numeral for 40 suggests I'd better have an extra-large helping of freaky hockey artwork this week. Let's hope I can deliver.

The biggest real-life freak out of the last couple weeks has been the public unveiling of the Iowa Chops along with their new logo. But someone's made an improvement.

(Apologies for the low image quality, but this is what was sent to me.)

It seems that with the Buffalo Sabres, when it comes to fan made concept art, you either love it or hate it. I wonder what you guys will think of these.

But wait, there's more.

There have even been jerseys designed for them.

And more along the lines of Matt's recent rebrand of the Stars, check this out.

Something else I got this week that made me chuckle were concepts for the Vancouver Canucks.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the effort someone put into this but wow, you can't help but shake your head in amazement.

Here's a concept jersey for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Sometimes folks send in team-branding concepts that miss the mark a little.

I can only imagine the nightmares the children of Cleveland would have to endure.

Speaking of nightmares, if you recall about a month ago I started a series within a series for the Freak Out Friday. One reader created 30 logos based around the Mighty Ducks' third jerseys from the mid-90s — one for every NHL team. Last week I posted the Atlantic Division and the week before was the Ducks' own Pacific. Today we're going to the Northwest.

Be sure to notice the half-stripes on the Oilers logo. Yes, all of these are based on last year's new Rbk EDGE jerseys.

And that's all folks. We're back with another Freak Out Friday in two weeks — assuming you get all your ridiculous artwork sent in! My big thanks to everyone who's submitted work — good and bad alike!


Hawks Convention Yields News

The Blackhawks are holding a big hockey convention this weekend to, I suppose, intensify the city's interest in the team and the sport. As part of the event, Saturday at noon there was a panel discussing the Winter Classic set for New Year's Day at Wrigley Field. Hawks president John McDonough and defenseman Brian Campbell were on hand along side the NHL's marketing director, Brian Jennings.

According to an email I received summarizing the event, there was a discussion about whether the Blackhawks and Red Wings would be wearing vintage jerseys like the Penguins and Sabres did last season. McDonough said they would be and suggested it may be styled after a 1930s sweater, like the one seen below.

credit: Andrew @

According to this same email, Jennings spoke about the selection process for last year's Winter Classic sweaters. He apparently said the Penguins liked theirs so much they'll be unveiling a similar powder blue design as their third jersey this season. This isn't really news but it's coming straight from the Director of Marketing at the NHL so I felt like it was worth mentioning.

As with anything, I can't vouch for the veracity of this info as it comes by way of a reader email and not any official channels. B But what's the point of lying? Thanks to Brent for the info!