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More Leaked Third Jersey Pics!

I shared some new leaked images of a handful of third jerseys on Wednesday. Turns out there's more where that came from. Today's images serve as further proof of what we can expect from the Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers.

Have a look for yourself.

Also included were close-ups of the crests in all their embroidered glory. First the Canucks...

...and the Flyers too!

Still nothing new — I mean, we've already seen these before — but it's nice to have more pictures. I hope to have shots of the Kings, Sharks, Penguins, Senators and Stars alternate jerseys for you at some point in the near future. No promises, though.


Isles To Go With 3rd Full Time?

Chris Botta at NYI Point Blank seems to think so.

Botta says the New York Islanders are looking into making their new third jersey their first jersey in a year or two. The all-too-recent switch to the Rbk EDGE Uniform System which brought along with it a completely new look for the Isles may preclude them from doing it that soon, but the team is certainly exploring the option for the future.

I mean how could you not want to wear that all the time? It's a nice looking uniform. It'd be a shame to only wear it 15 times a year. Why not 41?

For more on the unveiling of the Islanders' third jersey, click here.

Thanks to Sean from Going Five Hole for letting me know about the article.


Isles Prep For New Jersey

Hmm, that would've been a better pun if the New York Islanders had a game against the Devils in the next week or so. Instead, it's not even a pun. I'm obviously talking about their new alternate uniform.

First thing I have to address is the countdown in the sidebar. Surprisingly, I've gotten more than a few emails asking why Icethetics has a countdown of 4 days while the Isles' official web site has a countdown of 9 days to the new third jersey. The answer is simple. I'm counting down to the day the jersey will be unveiled to fans. The team's site is counting down to the day the sweater makes its game debut — five days later. Hope that clears some things up.

Speaking of which, Newsday's Greg Logan is reminding us that the Islanders will in fact unveil their new sweaters on Monday and he got a look a new royal blue helmet.

The Islanders are going to unveil their third jersey on Monday. First to see it will be the members of the Islanders Business Club who attend the meeting scheduled that evening before the Isles meet the Rangers for the first time this season at the Coliseum. Then, the jersey will be displayed for fans during the course of that game.

The first time the Islanders actually wear their new uniforms will be on Saturday, Nov. 1 against Montreal. They will wear them at all subsequent Saturday home games. Including the Canadiens game, there are 13 such dates.

I happened to see the helmet yesterday, and it’s a switch back to the traditional royal blue of the classic Islanders jersey. In the past, I heard the third jersey would be the same as the ones the team wore two seasons ago that had orange numbers. But that might not be the case. The Isles might go all the way back to their roots to wear the original blue jersey with white numerals. That was the “road” jersey way back when. But we’ll have to wait a couple days to find out for sure.

If you recall, last week I pointed out that the team's web site was saying the thirds will be entirely new which seems to indicate they won't be rehashing the past. However, everything I've read and seen seems to indicate Logan is on the money here.

I'm betting on a classic vintage look with the same logo and everything. But like he says, we'll find out for sure in a few days.

By the way, I've got some possible Winter Classic and Penguins third jersey scoop. I'll do some more research and get back to you.


Coyotes Third Jersey Leaked!

The leaks just keep coming. Now we're getting our first glimpse at the new third jersey for the Phoenix Coyotes. I revealed the leaked image during tonight's Live Chat but not before first giving readers a 30-minute history lesson on the uniforms of the Coyotes franchise.

We went all the way back to 1972 and the Winnipeg Jets. But I won't bother with that here. If you're interested in it, check out the replay of the Live Chat. But first, here's the picture.

Just like we suspected, it's got the previously leaked logos featuring the leaping coyote and the coyote paw.

It's also got an unusual striping pattern around the sleeves which I'll have to see on a player before I form any opinions about. But otherwise, I think it looks great. The black works. It's got a clean, simple look and fits in well with the Coyotes home and road sweaters. And that's really all you can ask for.

What do you think? Leave a comment.


Third Jersey Leak Tonight

During tonight's Live Chat right here at Icethetics, I'll be leaking a brand new third jersey we haven't yet seen. And since we've already seen third jerseys for 11 of the 18 teams unveiling them, that leaves just seven more.

In the poll to the right, cast your vote as to which sweater you think it'll be. I'm kind of curious to see what the consensus is. Do you think it'll be the Stars, Kings, Islanders, Senators, Coyotes, Penguins or Sharks? It will be one of them and I'm really excited about it and I think most of you will like it.

So vote and then come back tonight at 10 PM eastern (that's 9 central, 8 mountain and 7 pacific). I know it's Saturday and that usually means game night, but if you're like me, you're stuck at home anyway watching hockey on TV. (Hopefully the Lightning don't plan to go 0-5 to start the season.)

By the way. Check back shortly. Part 6 of the Icethetics Season Preview will be posted tonight!


Another Third Jersey Leak?

I've scheduled a Live Chat for Saturday night at 10 PM EDT for those of you who can make it. And this time I have something to tantalize you with. I'll be showcasing a leaked image of yet another highly anticipated third jersey. And let me assure you it'll be worth the wait.

Which team is it? That'll be a surprise. But I will tell you it's one of the teams whose jersey we haven't seen yet. Could it be the Stars, Kings, Islanders, Senators, Coyotes, Penguins or Sharks?

Be here at Icethetics Saturday night at 10 to find out and be the first to see it!


Blackhawks Third Jersey Leaks Too!

Seems like the leaks are flowing like water this year — unlike last when the Rbk EDGE first rolled out. First it was the Lightning and Flyers last week. Then the Canucks just last night.

Now, we have our first look at the Chicago Blackhawks' third jersey.

This alternate sweater had the least amount of suspense and buzz about it considering there was no change from what the Hawks wore prior to the EDGE era. The black jersey was simply adapted to the EDGE style.

Right down to the shoulder patch.

These images were provided on a message board called The 300 Level by a user named gusev. There are more images available there if you're interested.

Again, this is not an official unveiling. These are leaked images of the jersey. It's my understanding the sweater will make its on-ice debut on November 3 when the Blackhawks face the Avalanche in Chicago. I wouldn't expect any sort of unveiling ceremony or event. It'll probably just show up that night in the game.


Canucks Third Jersey LEAKED!

Yes, it's true! I have it for you right here on Icethetics. The Vancouver Canucks' third jersey for the 2008-09 season has leaked!

Have a look for yourself. It's got the updated stick-in-the-rink logo as well as the new Johnny Canuck "V" logo on the shoulders.

I'm thrilled about that Johnny Canuck logo making its way onto a jersey. I think it's such a great design. Also interesting to note about this jersey is the complete lack of the orca logo. It's similar in overall design to their current home and road sweaters expect for the the striping pattern. The colors are the same.

It's important to note that this is not an official image. The Canucks have yet to make any sort of announcement regarding their third jersey. This is merely what's believed to be a leaked photo of it.


New Third Jersey Rumors!

I know the real reason you're here checking Icethetics tonight. It's to see if I've got any new third jersey scoop. It's your lucky night. I've got some new information to share regarding what some of the yet unreleased sweaters will look like.

As always, the source shall remain anonymous — so take it for what it is. But how many times have I lied to you?

This person got a look at the jersey designs on a piece of paper and compared what he saw with what Howard Berger saw. There's some interesting stuff here.

Is this the logo that will be on the front of the San Jose Sharks' third jersey? I'm told that it will indeed be black but instead of featuring just the full-body shark logo, it will actually be the new shield logo introduced last year — which includes the full-body shark.

My source writes, "This jersey disappointed me, it isnt just the black with the traditional shark. It is black, yes, but it uses the full body shark inside the shield design. With the orange and black script reading 'San Jose' across the top with the sun design."

Personally, I loved this logo from the moment it was first unveiled last year and would be thrilled to see it front and center on its own jersey. Is this true? I don't know. But I sure hope so.

We're continuing to hear that the Los Angeles Kings' third jersey will in fact be black and white with this logo — in black and white, no purple. I'm a little worried it's going to look boring, but they pulled off the look well in the '90s.

That's not all...

The Dallas Stars' third jersey will be white — basically the opposite of the regular black jersey. DALLAS will be arched above the player's jersey number in black text with a green outline instead of gold.

The interesting thing about this is that, like Toronto, wearing it at home forces the visiting team to carry twice as many jerseys with them on their road trip.

The Vancouver Canucks will wear their secondary "stick-in-rink" logo on the front of their blue third jersey. However, this latest source claims it will actually be a white version of the logo currently used as a shoulder patch. It certainly stands out more.

My hope is that the new Johnny Canuck logo will find its way onto, say, the shoulders of this jersey. It seems all of the images being seen by our "leakers" are small and grainy making it difficult to see details — such as shoulder decoration.

And that brings us to the Ottawa Senators. What I wouldn't give to see that team wear this logo, but there's been no word on that. If anything, it might be a shoulder patch, but this is just wishful thinking — I have nothing to back that up.

What I do have on the Sens from my source is this: "The jersey is not black, its that odd gold colour that the sens use. The word "SENS" isnt laid out in the common slanting downward fashion, its close together in white, with the red and black outlines, slightly slanting upwards (think Washington Wizards of the NBA, gold alternates). Very different from the concept illustration."

Gold, eh? That's... unusual. I'm not so sure about that but the main thing to take away from this information is that the upward slant of the text will not make it look like it says SNES as many have worried. In fact, I've put together a few concept renderings what what this may look like.

It's a simple upward slant that I've done but the actual jersey may feature more stylized or curved text. First, on a gold jersey, as this rumor suggests.

That's just standard block letter text, but they may also use something similar to the numbering style seen on their current home and road sweaters.

This serif text is also used for the C and A on the captains' sweaters. But if you want my opinion, I still think it'll be a black jersey — and this is the more likely look for the text.

And here are a couple of other options — one including gold.

Which one do you guys like best?

By the way, just a blog note here. I've updated the Atlanta Thrashers' third jersey logo in the sidebar. Their new sweater features the bird-head only logo on the shoulders — obviously no logo on the front as we all know.

That's all for tonight. Hope that satisfies your third jersey rumor thirst for now.


Previewing The New Thirds

All right, so much to discuss. This is the post I promised days ago but I kept putting it off every time new information leaked. So far I haven't heard anything new today so here are some of the concepts folks have put together based off of the latest design rumors. We're starting with Hockey Week, who put together a graphic that includes all 18 possible thirds!

That's a lot of work he put into that. But there's still more. The Islanders wore special vintage jerseys briefly two seasons ago that will probably serve as a basis for this year's alternates.

Very sharp. Those are the only photographs I have. Everything else is fan made art.

Next up are the Kings in a variety of different looks based off of Howard Berger's description.

I'm pulling for the one on the left, personally. Here are a couple of concepts for the Senators — or should I say, Sens?

While I'm on the subject, a group of fans in Ottawa are pushing a "heritage jersey" as they call it. This is what it looks like.

You can sign their peititon if you're so inclined. Honestly, they could do a lot worse. That's a very nice sweater.

You want to see what's not a nice sweater?

With the text on the jersey, I don't imagine the Lightning will use the numbers on the front. I do like the arm stripes here, though. Staying in the south, we've got Kari Lehtonen with a possible third jersey design painted on.

I'm not a huge fan but I think I need to see the actual sweater.

And finally, our friend Dave (aka DRutka) has come up with a little something for the Sabres. Charlie posted this at Sabres Not Slugs.

By the way, as you guys know, Dave's been adapted Matt's rebrands for use in EA's NHL video games. I'll have links to those coming shortly. You'll find them in the Rebranding The NHL section of the sidebar.

If you guys have anymore third jersey mock-ups, feel free to send them along for posting here.

By the way, almost forgot to mention it. All 18 teams getting third jerseys are now featuring in the sidebar.