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More Leaked Third Jersey Pics!

I shared some new leaked images of a handful of third jerseys on Wednesday. Turns out there's more where that came from. Today's images serve as further proof of what we can expect from the Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers.

Have a look for yourself.

Also included were close-ups of the crests in all their embroidered glory. First the Canucks...

...and the Flyers too!

Still nothing new — I mean, we've already seen these before — but it's nice to have more pictures. I hope to have shots of the Kings, Sharks, Penguins, Senators and Stars alternate jerseys for you at some point in the near future. No promises, though.


Unveiling Dates Confirmed

I got some third jersey release dates confirmed. The Lightning, Coyotes and Flyers have been added to the Countdowns — so that means we've got everybody covered. All three are jerseys we've already seen via leaks, but it'll be nice to see what these teams do for official unveilings. By the way, these dates don't come from the teams, but rather Reebok.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will unveil their third jersey on Sunday, November 23. The Bolts play the Devils at home on that night so that could also be the on-ice debut of the sweaters. However, if they just use that date for the unveiling, the next game would be the day before Thanksgiving against the Rangers.

We'll wait and see as the dates get closer.

The Phoenix Coyotes and Philadelphia Flyers will be the last to unveil their third jerseys — doing so on Friday, November 28. I can't say if either jersey will make its on-ice debut that night, but both teams do have games.

The Coyotes play the Avalanche then the Sharks the following night. The Flyers face the Hurricanes on Friday and the Maple Leafs on Saturday.

And just to recap, out of 11 teams that yet to officially unveil their third jerseys, we've seen six of them either through official or unofficial leaks. The five sweaters we have not yet gotten a glimpse of belong to the Penguins, Stars, Sharks, Kings and Senators. So the rumors continue to swirl.

My the way, I'll have more image leaks later as well as news relating to the new banner at the top of the page.


Third Jersey Fan Concepts & More

We haven't had a good concept art post in almost a month because of the explosion of third jersey news. Now that we're getting a little bit of a break from it, let's take a look at what some fans would like to see as alternate sweaters. And get comfortable, because this is going to be a long one.

We'll start with some update Flyers logos that were submitted.

My personal favorite is the bottom right corner in the sketches. Up next is a great set with some uniquely updated logos.

And speaking of updated logos, check out these for the Sharks.

The artist who submitted these prefers the one on the left but I thought I'd post them both and let you decide for yourself.

Now let's get into those third jersey concepts I was telling you about. We'll start with San Jose. Rumors have circulated that the shield logo could go on the front, but I wouldn't expect to see any white or orange anywhere else on the jersey.

And the Predators concept is purely from the mind of the artist. The Predators haven't announced any plans for a third jersey either this year or next. Neither have the Capitals, but many people are wishing for something like this.

Many Canucks fans were hoping for a green third jersey. Maybe something like this isn't too far off.

Yeah, maybe not the one on the right, though.

Here's a very busy idea for the Canadiens.

Maybe if your jersey was distracting enough, you could just win that way. Sticking with the Canada theme for a moment, how about these for the Senators?

And finally, hoping for the return of a yellow third jersey for the Bruins? Here's one of my favorite concepts from this batch.

What do you think of these? if you have any concept art of your own, feel free to send it along.


Bolts, Flyers Thirds Leak!

My Reebok mole — who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent — has more offerings. I first broke these during the Live Chat earlier tonight, so if you participated or watched the replay, then you already know.

I have high quality promotional images for the third jerseys of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers to share with you today. My team first.

All the rumors were right for the Lightning's new third jersey. It's blue and it spells BOLTS right across the front, slanting downward. Even looking at it now, the colloquialism surprises me. It's an unusual sight for a professional sports uniform — but then so was a giant humanoid duck bursting from beneath a sheet of ice until 1995.

The first thing you'll probably notice is the obviously misspelling of Lecavalier on the back of the jersey. That particular image was probably never meant to be made public. Oops. But allow me to draw your attention away from that and to the bottom of the sweater.

Notice the TAMPA BAY stitched along the black stripe? Are we taking a page out of the Kings' book now? At least it's on the back. So speaking as a Lightning fan, there are some things I'm not thrilled with, but overall I'm happy with it and I will be wearing it on Christmas morning — likely before then too.

Next we move onto the Lightning's first ever playoff foe, the Philadelphia Flyers. This is another one the rumors got right. But then we've known what it will look like since March when cell phone photos first surfaced.

The Flyers are joining the handful of teams going retro with their new third jerseys — as you can see.

No egregious spelling errors on this jersey, but the nameplate is a cool feature. They're leaving out no detail on this throwback sweater, opting for black text on a white nameplate on an orange jersey. Bold. Well done.

You may have noticed the orange numbers on the sleeves seem to be overlapping onto the orange of the jersey. I'm not sure if this is accurate as the numbers were clearly added digitally and weren't on the photographed jersey. For that, we'll have to wait for the official announcement and unveiling by the team.

Keep in mind that these images are not from the teams and I do not consider them to be official unveilings. They're leaks and I almost feel bad about posting them, ruining the surprises for the teams. However, they're out now and I'd like to get your feedback.

By the way, if you decide to post these images elsewhere on the interwebs, I'd love it if you could link back to Icethetics!


Want To See Philly's New Third?

An interesting photo turned up in my inbox this afternoon. It shows Daniel Briere's new third jersey hanging up in the locker room.

The Flyers haven't made anything official yet, but rumors have been floating around since March.

For what it's worth, my opinion on this photo is that it's legitimate or a Photoshop job too well done to be an amateur — though folks here do love their Photoshop. But seriously, I think it's an actual photo of a jersey. It doesn't differ much from the cell phone photos that surfaced several months ago. Here's another look at them.

The main difference appears to be the nameplate. On the March leak, it appears the orange jersey has a white nameplate with orange lettering. Here, it's switched to a matching nameplate.

Other than that, they look the same to me. So it appears we've gotten our first real look at what the Flyers will wear as an alternate jersey this season. Hope you guys like it.

UPDATE (7/21 2:25 AM): So it's definitely a photo of a jersey, it's just a vintage replica being sold on ebay. Kudos to Hockey Week for the find. I think we should probably expect to see something more like what's in the two cell phone pictures. As always, I'll try my best to keep you updated.


Four New Sweater Designs

Icethetics reader Paul (aka capn89) has been redesigning NHL uniforms league wide and he's sent in another batch for your enjoyment. Most recently you saw him take a stab at the Senators. Today we've got four new teams — beginning with Columbus.

I'm not sure how well a red third jersey works in theory for a team named the Blue Jackets, but looking at it, you can't help but like it.

His Islanders jerseys are sharp!

He's used a Liberty Bell logo on the shoulders of the Flyers jerseys.

Notice how the home sweater is orange. I think most Philly fans tend to prefer that to black. And finally, we have the Capitals.

That secondary logo just looks killer on the front of the third jersey. Let's hope the team's smart enough to actually make one for this season.

By the way, tomorrow I'll have more details on the new logo design contest I'm launching. Imagine a league with 30 teams — each team has a name and color scheme — but none of them have logos! Designers, this one's for you. You'll be able to brand a team from the ground up!