0001: The Seattle Metros

Today, the Concepts page is relaunching with a new post every day! As promised, we're starting with Seattle — which has been in the news this week after announcing plans for a proposed hockey arena. With the possibility that the Phoenix Coyotes could relocate to Washington state, Ryan Haslett tried his hand a potential rebranding. He's brought back the name of the city's original team — the Seattle Metropolitans and combined a couple of well known logos to create one for his new team.


FAQ: The New Concepts Page

I've spent a lot of time getting feedback from readers and thinking about a new approach to posting concept art here on Icethetics. I think this latest incarnation has struck a good balance between providing frequently updated content and making the most of my limited time to work on the site. I'm making a new commitment to a part of Icethetics that I have perhaps overlooked in the past. One that readers obviously enjoy.

Bullet points are usually a good way to quickly get new ideas across. So here's what you can expect from the improved Concepts section:

  • A new concept post every day. In the past, concept posts featured five new designs. But between building the post and rating widget, the process required more of my time than I wanted to give. Now, when I have time to sit down and prepare five or ten new concepts, that covers a week's worth of content, giving readers a reason to come back every day.
  • One isn't always enough. While I'm committing to a new concept post every day, I'm not necessarily limiting that post to one piece of artwork (though that will be the standard). One is the minimum, but some days could see bonus concepts.
  • Digging into the archives. Because I can't guarantee Icethetics readers will submit enough concepts to sustain this new plan for daily posts, I plan to go back into the Icethetics concept archives and repost past designs. And I mean way back. I started posting concepts on the site back in 2007 when it was called NHL Tournament of Logos. The point is to keep content coming every day, but also a way for new readers to see stuff they've missed. For long-time readers, think of it as a bit of nostalgia.
  • Sort by artist. One of the new features is the "designed by" tag at the bottom of each concept post. Clicking on the designer's name will display all of his/her artwork that's been featured on the new Concepts page. Down the road, some artists will even have their own bio pages right here on Icethetics.
  • The Old Concepts Page. More than 250 concepts were featured on the old Concepts page last year. It would be a crime for them to disappear forever. You can still access them from the Extras menu in the left sidebar. Just be aware that some of them may resurface here on the new Concepts page from time to time.
  • Freak Out Friday. A popular feature from past incarnations of this site was the Freak Out Friday concepts posts, in which some rather bizarre designs would be posted for readers to point and laugh at. Many have asked if I will bring that back. All I can say is if artwork that fits the Freak Out profile ends up in my inbox, I'd have no reason not to!
  • I want to submit my concepts! The more, the merrier. A new concept post every day is a huge commitment to make. But as long as you guys keep sending your work in, I can keep my promise. You can email your work to me by clicking the red Gmail button at the top of the page. (Disclaimer: Not all concept submissions will be posted on the site.)
  • How do I make my own concept art? There are many ways to go about it. At some point, I'm hoping to put together a video tutorial for budding designers and concept artist wannabes. For now though, you'll have to rely on trial and error like most of the rest of us.
  • I'm sure I've missed something. This new approach to concept art is a major undertaking. If I've overlooked any of my plans in this brief FAQ, please ask in the comments. I'll either answer there or add a new bullet point to this list.

Hope you guys enjoy the new design of the site and my new approach to a popular part of Icethetics. If you have any tips or suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Questions are always welcome as well.

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