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USF Ice Bulls Entries

As promised, I'd like to share with you guys all of the USF Ice Bulls logo submissions that didn't quite make the cut. I'll start with the designs that were among the finalists as the team was making its final decision. You can currently see the final logo, designed by Gary Cekus, on IceBulls.org.

All of the following logos and creative artwork are posted on Icethetics with the permission of the designer. Reproduction or use of this artwork in any way without the consent of the designer is expressly prohibited.


The first runner-up was created by an Icethetics regular, Mike Ivall. In fact, two of Mike's designs were featured in the previous concept post.

Mike Ivall

Another top contender came from Anthony Lamberty. I prefer the version with the downturned head with the USF lettermark.

Anthony Lamberty

Cale Putnam's concept had some potential. I particularly liked the image of a puck with a horn going through it.

Cale Putnam

These are just a fraction of the great entries Icethetics received. I'll share more of them later tonight. And not to worry, eventually, I will get around to posting ALL of them.