Collection 46: Sunny South Florida

A few weeks ago I promised a concept post dedicated to the Florida Panthers. That was before the Winnipeg Jets logos happened. Now it's been way too long since the last update, so it's time to deliver.

Still working on theme ideas for the next post. If you have a suggestion, let me know.


Collection 45: No Shortage of Suggestions

The Winnipeg Jets have not yet announced a release date for their new uniform design, but there are certainly no shortage of suggestions from Icethetics concept artists. In this set, we see the red start to disappear from most of the jerseys.

I'm sure there's still more to come. And at some point soon I'll try to work in that Florida Panthers post I promised a while back. Obviously the Jets are the hot topic of the moment.


Collection 44: Some More Jets Sets

Everybody seems to be taking advantage of the "jet-set" puns lately, so I figured I'd join the crowd. Tonight, a fine collection of Winnipeg Jets jerseys for your enjoyment.

That last one would just be absolutely hysterical! One thing the team has said about its uniforms is that the only red on them will be the maple leaf. So all these red stripes are just not meant to be. More Jets concepts coming Thursday!