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0710: What Can Brown Do?

This is the final week of Icethetics as you know it. On Saturday, everything changes. Except the Concepts page, really. New artwork will still be posted daily. But let's make the most of this anyway. Colin May is back with some new stuff. He put together a solid old-timey look for the Boston Bruins. Hey, maybe they should be Washington's opponent for the 2015 Winter Classic.


0641: A Bear of a Jersey

Perhaps a little something for a future outdoor game starring the Bruins? Scott Dempsey put together this gold jersey. Are you a fan?


0629: Beantown Brown

Here's another team we haven't seen much of on the Concepts page lately. Chris Wright presents a brown and gold set for the Boston Bruins. Better than black and gold?


0513: Boston Brown

Tony Berg had a neat Minnesota concept last week. Now he's treating us to the Boston Bruins. It's a cool look but the first thing that stands out to me are the Penguins-style sleeves on the black jersey. But apart from that, I love the brown third. What's your take?


0485: Gold for Boston

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final picks up tonight in Boston, so I got to thinking about how the Bruins could really use a new third jersey. A gold one. And I wasn't alone. Bastian Schmülling had a similar idea and came up with this gold and brown number. What are we waiting for? Let's get this on the ice already!

Failing that, Chance Waddell has this simpler idea that invites more gold and less of anything else. Face it, a gold jersey is in Boston's future. Just make it happen.


0476: Winter in the Northeast

On this Winter Classic Weekend, Alex O'Dowd pits the Boston Bruins against the Buffalo Sabres. What do you think of all that vintage white and gold? Certainly looks like a couple of teams from the old days of hockey.


0371: Waddell's Winter Classic, Finale

Love it or hate it, this is the end of the Winter Classic series brought to you by the Waddell brothers, Chance and Jake. They created mock throwbacks for all 30 teams. And today, we wrap it all up with the Bruins and Flyers — opponents in the real NHL Winter Classic in 2010.

With this sub-series complete, we have a handful of unique and varied Winter Classic concepts to come over the next few weeks. If you have an idea for a design, send it along!