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Concept Collection 50

I wanted the 50th collection to be something special. Instead, it's just something to fill the gap so we don't go a full month without concept art. I've been keeping busy lately, blah blah, you already know. I have a new plan to keep this Concepts page fresh which I will be rolling out just as soon as... I have the time. For now, look at these...

If I go another several weeks without an update, just be patient with me. Doing my best.


Collection 36: Conceiving a Classic

If all has gone according to plan, I should be spending the day on the high seas en route to some tropical island somewhere. But I'm going to put you guys in the opposite state of mind with something a bit more wintry. Collected here are some sharp Winter Classic concepts.

The most prevalent rumors have the Flyers hosting the Rangers on the day after New Year's 2012. Of course that hasn't stopped some from hoping for a Western Conference match-up. Look for a new set of concept art on Wednesday.


Collection 31: In the Future... (If There Is One)

With all this rapture talk, I thought we might take a look at what the future holds (if there is one) for NHL uniforms next season. These are all based on rumors that have been reported around the web recently.

The first set is based on the rumor that the Flyers will host the Rangers for the 2012 Winter Classic. The inspiration for the Flyers' throwback jersey is the Philadelphia Quakers franchise — which has no relation to the Flyers. Still, I have yet to see a Flyers WC concept not based on that team's uniform design.

Another rumor spreading this spring calls for the Isles to launch a black alternate next season.

Whether or not it's wishful thinking, the prevailing rumors for the Stars is the debut of a green third jersey.

Now this one is a little more outside the box. It assumes the Thrashers are sold and moved to Winnipeg and that True North would retain the Moose branding to some extent while also paying tribute to the Jets.

And last here is just one more example of a Quakers concept standing in as a Flyers jersey for the big outdoor game next year. Personally, I don't see it happening. But then the Flames revisited their city's hockey history at their outdoor game this year. I suppose Philly could do the same in 2012.