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Concept Collection 50

I wanted the 50th collection to be something special. Instead, it's just something to fill the gap so we don't go a full month without concept art. I've been keeping busy lately, blah blah, you already know. I have a new plan to keep this Concepts page fresh which I will be rolling out just as soon as... I have the time. For now, look at these...

If I go another several weeks without an update, just be patient with me. Doing my best.


Concept Collection 34

Today is my birthday so I'm celebrating with this gift to you: New concept art! Since I didn't feel like coming up with a theme, here are five randomly selected concepts which have been submitted to Icethetics. Enjoy!

Obviously, the next set, which should be up this week, will feature the Winnipeg concepts that have come in.


Concept Collection 11

Got a new set of concept art for Trade Deadline Day.

That Panthers logo is a little frightening. Your thoughts?