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0712: Capitals De-Edged

Steven Grant has been redesigning NHL uniforms by taking the Reebok Edge system out of the equation. Today he tackles a blue Capitals jersey with great results. The wordmark doesn't look half bad in white. Of course, personally, I'd still prefer to see an actual logo in its place.


0708: Classic '80s Flashback

This takes me back a bit. If you were a hockey fan in the 1980s and early '90s, you no doubt remember this great uniform match-up. David Parkinson had the 2015 Winter Classic in mind when he came up with this one. But frankly, I don't want to see the Flyers in a third outdoor game so soon.

Who would make a good opponent for the Caps?

Anyway, had to track down a photo. That's Craig Berube in the Caps jersey. In a funny twist, now coaches the Flyers. He actually jumped around between these two teams throughout his career. And in the Philly sweater is Jim Cummins just before he was traded to Tampa Bay in 1994.

(See how I can tie anything back to the Lightning?)


0687: D.C. in Winter

The Washington Capitals will host the next NHL Winter Classic in 2015. But what should they wear when they do? Brian Brideau imagines a uniform inspired by the flag of the District of Columbia.


0675: Capital Blue

It would be nice to see the Capitals back in blue someday — even if only as a third jersey. This one by Tristan Mani would be a brilliant way to go if you ask me.


0603: Caps and Whalers

After we learned the Capitals will host the 2015 NHL Winter Classic, Bryan Dyck started thinking about who their opponent should be. How about the Carolina Hurricanes... as the Hartford Whalers? But as much as I loved Washington's Blue and Bronze Age, I'm not sure I can see them in anything other than the classic red throwback. Plus, it would make sense up against Whaler green. What's your take on this Winter Classic proposal?


0581: Caps Going Outdoors Again

This Winter Classic Weekend post is a topical one. The Washington Capitals announced today they'll be hosting the 2015 NHL Winter Classic. But we want to know what jersey they'll wear. My bet is it'll be red but what if they tweaked the white one from 2011, like this concept from Matt Marczel?


0481: Old & New Capitals

Apologies for the delay in getting today's concept posted. In this one, Mike Monti mixes the Capitals' old colors with their existing logo to come up with a rather unique new look. Not too shabby.