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Concept Collection 51

Yes, it's been a while. But it's better now than never, right? I'm currently trying to develop a new system for posting concept art that makes things simpler for me. (That's always the unreachable goal.) In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep this page updated a little more often.

One last thing. Help me out here. I know some of you think I've been "making you wait" for new concepts, but that's not how it is. Having said that, if you perhaps don't care for the designs in this set and feel like commenting to say something like, "I've waited months for this?!", don't bother. It'll only tell me there's no point to updating the page in the future. Rate the designs, move on, and check back later. I can't please everybody, nor will I try to do so. Just know that I'm doing my best to keep all aspects of Icethetics updated.


Collection 40: Golden Jerseys

In honor of the Predators' forthcoming gold home jersey — a first in the NHL in decades — here are some yellowish uniforms designed by our Icethetics concept artists.

Still anticipating a Winnipeg Jets post before the team officially unveils their new logo and uniforms, but oddly, not a lot of concepts coming in at this point. You know how to reach me!


Concept Collection 34

Today is my birthday so I'm celebrating with this gift to you: New concept art! Since I didn't feel like coming up with a theme, here are five randomly selected concepts which have been submitted to Icethetics. Enjoy!

Obviously, the next set, which should be up this week, will feature the Winnipeg concepts that have come in.