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0714: The Untouchable Freak Out

Could you ever imagine the Montreal Canadiens without the CH? How about using the crest of a long ago rival? There's a reason I saved this one by Greg Dobson for a Friday. It's freaky!


0707: New Third Jersey

It might be a stretch to post this one by Steve Maurer a Freak Out Friday, but I think I'm bothered by the use of Rangers' style text on a Devils jersey. But I do like the horns on the sleeves. Either way, it's a bit freaky. Is it just me?


0700: The Monochrome Island

The Concepts page has hit another milestone with the 700th consecutive post. Today, newcomer Charlie Allen shares his take on a potential Brooklyn rebrand of the New York Islanders. And it just might freak out you. Charlie used NHL 14 to bring his concept to life. He did quite a job.


0693: Winnipeg/Atlanta Freak Out

We've seen previous attempts at merging the old Atlanta Thrashers identity with that of the new Winnipeg Jets. But never quite like this. Brad Stimson presents this one for your enjoyment. Are you freaked out?


0686: Freak Out '80s Style

Tampa/Vancouver Week wraps up with a Vancity freak out. Bryan Dyck is merging the Canucks' 1980s color palette with their new Johnny Canuck logo. It's pretty clever but I'm not sure I'd want to see it anywhere outside the Concepts page. (Note the yellow socks!)

See a pattern forming here? Todd Varga added the 1980s palette to the stick-in-rink logo. Again, makes for a neat jersey set, but probably not one we'd want to see on the ice anytime soon.

Newcomer Dallas Kirkpatrick is just scaring me now.

And finally, I was saving this one. Remember yesterday's Johnny Canuck set from John Elbertson? He included this yellow one as well but it fit so much better with today's theme.


0679: Groovy Freak Out

This Minnesota North Stars freak out by Mike Ivall needs no explanation. Right?


0665: Flyer Freak Out

We were so close to concept number 666 landing on a Freak Out Friday the 13th! How disappointing. But that's not going to stop me from trying to give you a little scare. This Philadelphia Flyers jersey was designed by Jake Wells but it's absolutely something we could imagine Nike trying, isn't it? Let's hope they never get the chance!