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0709: Norway by a Norwegian

Here's a series I'd like to expand on as we near the Olympics. Concept artists creating jerseys for their own national teams. Norwegian Asle Tømmerstrand tackles his home country's jersey today. And while IOC rules may not permit the bear on the front, this is sharp sweater, isn't it?

Also, if you're an Icethetics reader outside of North America and have a concept in mind for your country, send it along! I'd love to share it here.


0684: New Year, New Bolts

Happy New Year! Hey, believe it or not there's more than one NHL game on the schedule today. The Lightning are in Vancouver today — and so am I. And that's the reason for Tampa/Vancouver Week. Brandon Holmes gets 2014 started with a sharp two-tone blue set for the Bolts.

And as a bonus, here's a rare one. A completely original uniform and logo design from Devin Durocher. I like his simplified logo. Not sure about the third jersey. Thoughts?

We'll go back to the Canucks to finish out the week!


0677: A Very Wild Christmas

So often the Minnesota Wild are given a hard time for their "Christmas colors." And whether you agree or not, today one is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that. First up is Mat Ware whose created home and alternate jerseys to go with the team's new road sweater.

Next is a sweater by David Parkinson who put together just the right combination of red and green for that holiday feel.

On the other hand, Justin Nahhas went with a green jersey and still achieved a similar effect.

Finally, Dylan Wonka presents a pair of jerseys. The white one is pretty solid, but the Wild but the green one has some very merry striping if you ask me.


Before you go, I've got a bonus concept that was tailor-made for today. Our favorite 8-bit artist Al McCready recreated the Stars' and Hurricanes' new uniforms in his unique style. Merry Christmas!


0676: Christmas Sweater Redux

In what's shaping up to be a yearly tradition, Matt McElroy once again occupies this space on Christmas Eve with another "ugly" holiday sweater. I'd wear it right now if I could. What about you?


0673: Stadium Jerseys Post-Mortem

Well, this one was going to be a "preview" of the Chicago Blackhawks' Stadium Series jersey. Back when Mike Ivall submitted it and I made plans to post it, the Hawks had yet to announce an unveiling date. Now we've seen it. So the cool thing about this that we can all appreciate together is just how close Mike came to nailing it!

Mike also sent in this one prior to the Rangers' unveiling yesterday. Not bad, though. What do you think of these two sets? Is either one better than the real thing?


0669: ECHL All-Stars in 2015

This epic Minor League Week continues with some of the submissions to the ECHL's 2015 All-Star Game jersey design contest. The submission period ended last Friday and voting begins tomorrow. Maybe we'll see some of these included in the mix.

We start with a wealth of design ideas from John Elbertson. First is a design that's more in tune with the Orlando Solar Bears' branding. As the host of next season's event, there's little doubt the All-Star jersey will bear(!) their colors.

Then John also submitted a couple of more traditional-style designs in those eye-catching colors. The ECHL will only need one All-Star jersey because the All-Star team will face the Solar Bears in the game. But they've definitely got plenty of options from John alone.

David Kerr went a different route with this sunrise design. Or is a sunset? I could see the All-Stars rocking one of those.

Chad Jeske would have the team in white with a big star across the chest. Another solid design here.

Teal seems to be the most popular color among these designers. Brian Kolis added a twist to his jersey, though, with some sunny sleeve numbers. Lots of creativity in these designs!


Why should the ECHL get to have all the All-Star fun? Scott Markiewicz design a couple of jerseys for a future AHL All-Star Classic. It might look like he was inspired by the NHL's Stadium Series jerseys, but no! In fact, Scott submitted this back in September before there was even any hint of those Stadium sweaters.

It helps that Matt McElroy foresaw Reebok's new jersey cut with his IceBorn template months before it was unveiled. Psychic! You can download IceBorn from the Icethetics Concept Templates page.


0657: Yankee Stadium Sketches II

Stadium Series Week is winding down with another day of New York-centric concepts. Matt Madore presents this set for the Rangers/Islanders meeting. It's so unusual to see that shield on a Rangers jersey, but it really works. As for the Islanders, that's a lot of stripes.

And the prolific Mat Ware imagines a more colorful assembly of these two teams. Orange is becoming a very popular base for jersey concepts these days. Think we need more orange jerseys around?