0708: Classic '80s Flashback

This takes me back a bit. If you were a hockey fan in the 1980s and early '90s, you no doubt remember this great uniform match-up. David Parkinson had the 2015 Winter Classic in mind when he came up with this one. But frankly, I don't want to see the Flyers in a third outdoor game so soon.

Who would make a good opponent for the Caps?

Anyway, had to track down a photo. That's Craig Berube in the Caps jersey. In a funny twist, now coaches the Flyers. He actually jumped around between these two teams throughout his career. And in the Philly sweater is Jim Cummins just before he was traded to Tampa Bay in 1994.

(See how I can tie anything back to the Lightning?)


0707: New Third Jersey

It might be a stretch to post this one by Steve Maurer a Freak Out Friday, but I think I'm bothered by the use of Rangers' style text on a Devils jersey. But I do like the horns on the sleeves. Either way, it's a bit freaky. Is it just me?


0706: Music City Revisions

I don't love some of the details of the Nashville Predators' uniforms and I'm probably not alone. The apron strings criss-crossing horizontal stripes and all. So how about some striping revisions? I think Steven Grant has done a great job bringing back a little bit of the team's original jerseys.


0705: Avalanche Trio

The prolific John Elbertson recently submitted a Colorado Avalanche concept that caught my eye. He managed to create a complete three-jersey set without relying on white. It's a neat look and it makes me long for a return to that classic striping pattern.


0704: An Option for Edmonton

D'Arcy Murphy pointed out that the Oilers are one of the teams that isn't frequently featured here on the Concepts page. He surmised that designers are content with the team's look and see no reason to change it. But he did have an idea for a third jersey. I love that logo from the team's old alternate, but I'd prefer to see some alternate striping too.


0703: Centennial Celebrations I

Mike Ivall gets the week started for us with his new 100 Years of Hockey project. In 2017, the NHL and the Maple Leafs will be celebrating their centennials and Mike is looking ahead with a series of new concepts. He writes:

The Centennial Game. First game of the season at the ACC in Toronto. Toronto Arenas versus Club de Hockey Canadien. The Canadiens jerseys are from the 1912-13 season where they only used them to play the Sens who also had the original barber pole jerseys at the time. According to the Canadiens site, this was the idea behind the classic jersey you see today.

I'm looking forward to what else Mike has in store. Also eager to see what other designers can come up with. We're still a few years away, so no rush.


0702: Latvia in Sochi

With the Olympics now only weeks away, we're wrapping up Eric Westhaver's extensive international concept series today with his take on Team Latvia. Here's his description:

How can you not like a country whose flag looks like bacon? Seriously though, the flag features heavily and some traditional Latvian designs can be seen on the shoulders and cuffs. The numbers and letters have a subtle 3D effect (or drop shadow) as well.

Eric has also designed uniforms for the Czech, German, Swiss and Japanese teams. I hope to share them here between now and the end of the Winter Olympics, but I want to showcase some other artists for the next few Sundays.