0701: Fixing the Ducks' Stadium Look

One week from today, the Ducks and Kings will take things outside for the first regular season NHL game to take place beneath the SoCal sun. And having just been down there a week ago, I can't imagine how they'll keep the ice icy. Magic, I presume.

Anyway, Dylan Wonka is back with a fix for the very orange jersey Anaheim will sport for their Stadium Series game. It adds — interestingly enough — a colored shoulder yoke and, hey, stripes! So one question: Better or worse than the real deal?


0700: The Monochrome Island

The Concepts page has hit another milestone with the 700th consecutive post. Today, newcomer Charlie Allen shares his take on a potential Brooklyn rebrand of the New York Islanders. And it just might freak out you. Charlie used NHL 14 to bring his concept to life. He did quite a job.


0699: Feelin' Retro in Jersey

If the New Jersey Devils are ever tapped for a Winter Classic, will they just wear the standard red and green? Or could they pull a Rangers/Flyers and go faux retro? If it's the latter, Matt Marczel may have hit the nail on the head.


0698: The Future of Florida

The Panthers probably don't need a new color palette, but if they did, this could work. Dallas Kirkpatrick redesigned south Florida's team with silver in place of gold.


0697: Anaheim Preview

It's been reported the Anaheim Ducks are considering promoting their third jersey to the new home set as early as next year. That could bring with it some other changes, as imagined by Brandon Holmes. First, he offers up a white version for road games. Then, how about a new alternate — in orange! Could you see these completing an updated set of Ducks uniforms in the near future?


0696: Philly in Grey

I never know how designs like this one will go over with you guys. You'll either love it or hate it. Could you imagine the Philadelphia Flyers in grey? I think this could be such a sharp sweater by David Parkinson, who was inspired by a ball cap design he once saw.


0695: Finland in Sochi

It's been a treat these last several weeks to see the various creative jersey designs Eric Westhaver has put forth for the countries being represented in Sochi next month. Today is no exception as he deals up a fresh look for Finland. See his comments below.

Simple, traditional. Another sharp look with a lot of contrast for a team steeped in history. Although all three jerseys look old, they are completely original creations (besides the logos, obviously).

We'll wrap up Eric's Sunday series next weekend with the Latvian team.