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Florida Panthers

National Hockey League: 1993—

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Home uniform
9 Stephen Weiss
12 Jack Skille
16 Marco Sturm
51 Brian Campbell
52 Jason Garrison
60 Jose Theodore

Unveiled 6/25/2011, at the NHL Entry Draft in St. Paul, MN [blog post] ... Debuted 10/15/2011 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (W-SO 3-2)

Added 11/25/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Road uniform
14 Tomas Fleischmann
20 Sean Bergenheim
43 Mike Weaver
44 Erik Gudbranson
55 Ed Jovanovski
82 Tomas Kopecky

Unveiled & debuted 10/8/2011 at New York Islanders (W 2-0) ... Similar to previous road jersey without the blue piping

Added 11/25/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Alternate uniform
6 Dennis Wideman
9 Stephen Weiss
13 Mike Santorelli
30 Scott Clemmensen
43 Mike Weaver
63 Evgeny Dadonov

Unveiled 11/23/2009 [blog post] ... Debuted 11/23/2009 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (L-OT 2-3) ... Jersey scheduled to be retired at the end of the 2011-12 season [blog post] ... Retired 3/25/12 vs. New York Islanders (L-SO 2-3)

Added 3/29/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Home uniform
3 Clay Wilson
9 Stephen Weiss
10 David Booth
29 Tomas Vokoun
75 Scott Timmins
85 Rostislav Olesz

Unveiled 7/28/2007, modeled by Stephen Weiss [blog post] ... Debuted 10/6/2007 vs. New Jersey Devils (L 1-4) ... Retired 3/31/2011 vs. Ottawa Senators (L 1-4)

Added 3/29/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Road uniform
6 Dennis Wideman
18 Shawn Matthias
19 Marty Reasoner
26 Steve Bernier
29 Tomas Vokoun
52 Jason Garrison

Unveiled 7/28/2007, modeled by Nathan Horton [blog post] ... Debuted 10/4/2007 at New York Rangers (L 2-5) ... Retired 4/8/2011 at Tampa Bay Lightning (L 2-4)

Added 3/29/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/

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Reader Comments (14)

Wish they had the red jerseys with blue alternates again...only difference for the old white jersey i would make is reverse all of the blue and red in the jersey.

Btw I remember watching the game the new 3rds debuted and I think it was against the Penguins on the same night they were unveiled

Mar 29 · 5:32 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterWingnut

The red stripes up and down the sleeves is about the only saving grace... and even that's killed a bit by that stupid Reebok gap below the back of the collar. The red, though, does work with the half-stripes. Like I said, about the only saving grace of the Edge design. Oh, and at least they kept the socks intact.

It's been said before, and I'll say it again: the Panthers went in the wrong direction with the third. Too much "inspired by the 1970s Pittsburgh Penguins" and not enough RED!

Mar 29 · 6:57 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterRob a.k.a. kyojikasshu

RBK ruined these jerseys...

Mar 30 · 4:09 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterMW

I do like those alternates. However, the only thing I would wan't done to them is lose the cirlce around the panthers head... It would stand as a stronger logo if it was just the head imo.

Mar 30 · 5:54 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJimbo

The red jerseys were awesome. It's a shame that these won't get "liked", because the Panthers have an awesome logo. The color scheme just needs to be adjusted.

Mar 30 · 6:01 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterSakurafire

The thirds look nice, but that's NOT a Panthers uniform. So, instead of it getting a 4/5 from me, it has to be a 1/5. And if they drop the red this offseason, I won't buy a single piece of merchandise from my favorite NHL team until they return it (this coming from a fan who owns 7 Panthers jerseys).

Mar 31 · 7:29 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterDrew

4 words: Use Pre-Edge Jersey Schemes.

May 28 · 3:26 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterthehawksfan

Come on. The red jersey is alright but they had a golden opportunity to make their jerseys better and they blew it. I was looking forward to getting the new jersey and I was extremely disappointed on draft day.

Jul 8 · 6:56 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKris

Unlike a lot of people, I sort of like the JetBlue third jerseys. My issue is the team's lack of a real color scheme. Even with the new red jerseys, it doesn't truly seem like "red" is their color. Is it red? Is it blue? Is it yellow? I wish they'd incorporate more yellow in the unis to establish a true red/blue/yellow tri-color scheme.

Oct 16 · 7:48 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterJake Shapiro

It's amazing how much better this team looks in those red jerseys. I had my doubts about them when I first saw them at the draft. However, now that I've gotten to see them a few times on the ice, they look great! Nice to see the Panthers finally have a good season (thus far) and look good doing it.

Nov 25 · 9:11 AM PST | Unregistered CommenterJimbo

It's amazing what a great difference removing the navy piping on the white jersey made. I would still like to see waist striping on the jerseys, but they look great (both white and red). Still hate the alternate, but look forward to picking up a red jersey at some point soon.

Nov 25 · 10:19 AM PST | Unregistered CommenterDrew

I can't help thinking how much better the alternates would look if they were two shades of red instead of blue. Or maybe red with yellow or blue shoulders. Also like someone above said with just the Panther's head without the circle and the words around it.

Mar 7 · 2:17 PM PST | Unregistered Commenterkrendelev

I wish they kept their original jerseys that they came into the NHL with and just updated them to be Rebok fitted the way the Islanders/Oilers did. They'd look so good, I hate that blue clashes with the red in their home jerseys. If you want to see a really cool one, look up the originals.

Aug 20 · 4:18 PM PDT | Unregistered Commenterwhat the puck

Is the yellow they use for the stripes even on their crest at all? Is the gold from the leaping panther supposed to be that colour? It would seem odd to have one of the team's 3 colours not represented in the logo, and the main colour of the crest not anywhere else on the sweater...

Jan 19 · 11:43 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterScooter G.

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