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Los Angeles Kings

National Hockey League: 1967—

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Road uniform
3 Jack Johnson
10 Mike Richards
11 Anze Kopitar
12 Simon Gagne
15 Brad Richardson
32 Jonathan Quick

Unveiled 6/25/2011, at the NHL Entry Draft in St. Paul, MN [blog post] ... Debuted 10/13/2011 at New Jersey Devils (L-SO 1-2)

Added 11/28/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Home uniform (2011—)
Alternate uniform (2008—2011)
11 Anze Kopitar
17 Wayne Simmonds
23 Dustin Brown
26 Michal Handzus
32 Jonathan Quick
94 Ryan Smyth

Unveiled 11/22/2008 [blog post] ... Debuted 11/22/2008 vs. Colorado Avalanche (L-SO 4-3) ... Worn for all home games during 2010 and 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs ... Retired as alternate uniform 4/9/2011 vs. Anaheim Ducks (L 1-3) ... Debuted as home uniform 10/7/2011 vs. New York Rangers (W-OT 3-2, game played in Stockholm, Sweden)

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Alternate uniform (2011—)
Home uniform (2007—2011)
3 Jack Johnson
11 Anze Kopitar
14 Justin Williams
15 Brad Richardson
23 Dustin Brown
33 Willie Mitchell

Unveiled 6/23/2007 [blog post] ... Debuted 9/29/2007 vs. Anaheim Ducks (W 4-1) ... Retired as home uniform 3/26/2011 vs. Colorado Avalanche (W 4-1) ... Debuted as alternate uniform 11/3/2011 vs. Edmonton Oilers (L 0-3)

Added 2/17/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/
Road uniform
2 Matt Greene
8 Drew Doughty
12 Andrei Loktionov
33 Willie Mitchell
45 Jonathan Bernier
94 Ryan Smyth

Unveiled 6/23/2007 [blog post] ... Debuted 9/30/2007 at Anaheim Ducks (L 1-4) ... Retired 4/8/2011 at Anaheim Ducks (L 1-2) ... Worn for all road games during 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Specialty Uniforms

Throwback uniform
8 Drew Doughty
10 Marco Sturm
14 Justin Williams
26 Michal Handzus
32 Jonathan Quick
45 Jonathan Bernier

Unveiled 10/7/2010 [blog post] ... Debuted 10/9/2010 at Vancouver Canucks (W-SO 2-1) ... Also worn three other times during 2010-11 season: 1/15/2011 vs. Edmonton Oilers (W 5-2); 2/24/2011 vs. Minnesota Wild (W 4-2); 3/19/2011 vs. Anaheim Ducks (L-OT 1-2) ... Surnames added following debut ... Will be used again for three occasions during 2011-12 season ... Replica of uniform worn by Kings 1969—1980 (surnames added in 1977)

Added 2/17/2011 | Photos: Getty Images/

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Reader Comments (15)

L.A. really needs to throw away the black and the white jerseys that they currently have and just make the purples their mains and create gold and white versions of that sweater to create their third and away jerseys.

Feb 17 · 2:15 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterChicagolander

i want the black and silver logos back, the logo now is very early 2000s... it looks shoddy and i don't like the purple without the gold AT ALL

Feb 17 · 7:21 PM PST | Unregistered Commenterwalter from LA

Agree with Chicagolander. Bring back the Purple and Gold (White would be nice too). Those unis from 1960s were classy, unique, and stood out. How much more uniform black can anyone stand?

Feb 24 · 12:51 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterTed from Northfield, IL

I agree with Ted. Maybe LA could get away with gold away jerseys.

Also, has anyone noticed the "KINGS" word mark on the alternates helmet looks like a version of the lakers logo?

Mar 16 · 5:12 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterPensfan

PensFan: It's actually the wordmark that the Kings used from 1988 to 1998 on their black and silver uniforms.

Mar 16 · 5:39 PM PDT | Registered CommenterChris

I like the purple, gold and white ideas - they would look like the Ice Lakers.

Mar 22 · 8:31 PM PDT | Unregistered Commentercr8erh8er

I have such an opposite opinion of this than most.

I hate the throwback purple and gold and love their new black and white.

Jul 18 · 7:41 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterNathan

Purple and gold baby! not this ugly black and silver 2011-2012 home, away jerseys.

Jul 22 · 6:03 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterCHIfanAl

IMO, the white jersey looks retarded with that tail stripe and thinner arm stripe. I wouldn't have done those things.

Aug 26 · 10:52 AM PDT | Unregistered CommenterKris

i cant decide if the old jerseys (07-11) have a blue trim or a purple trim. Most of the time they seem blue, but other times like on this site theyre purple

Dec 24 · 1:32 PM PST | Unregistered Commenterdb123

I like the black and silver they have now, and would love to see the purple and gold become a full-on alternate. The black and purple is just too much black in the color scheme.

Feb 14 · 6:46 PM PST | Unregistered CommenterChase

DB123, it's purple, not blue. TVs have trouble broadcasting that hue for some reason.

Mar 1 · 1:05 PM PST | Unregistered Commenteradevandry

L.A. needs to go back to their original Purple and Yellow, every other uniform they've had has sucked.

Mar 7 · 1:43 PM PST | Unregistered Commenterkrendelev

Purple and Gold could be nice if done right. For example, I hate the Lakers home and away jerseys, but their white alternate are really nice and they show how good Purple and Gold can go together. The original Kings jerseys are atrocious. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those jerseys. The 80-88 jerseys were an improvement with the added white stripes, but still weren't that great.

Though, I like the current jerseys the Kings have. The away jerseys are especially nice and it looks good on TV.

Jun 14 · 12:35 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterDeebow

Whats with the captain's "C" on the uniform? It is different from the other fonts on the uniforms. Is there some historic significance?

Mar 21 · 6:17 PM PDT | Unregistered CommenterCD

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